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[BOOKS] ✴ Tales of the Mall Masters ✻ David Gulbraa –

Tales of the Mall MastersAlternate History Takes Place In Fictional Country, The Individual S Republic Of California, A Culture In Which Business Activity Is Regarded As Sacred And Holy Here, Shopping Malls Occupy The Position Held By The Church In The Middle Ages The People Who Run The Malls Are Called Mall Masters They Are The Moral Authorities Of The Culture The Story Concerns Three Legendary Mall Masters Maurice Sully, The Greatest Of All The Mall Masters Anton Layvanwick, Maurice S Best Friend And Rival Mall Master And Diane Copernicus, The Woman Who Loves Both Men, And Is Loved By Both In Return.

[BOOKS] ✴ Tales of the Mall Masters ✻ David Gulbraa –
  • Paperback
  • 419 pages
  • Tales of the Mall Masters
  • David Gulbraa
  • English
  • 09 August 2017
  • 9781891021022

    10 thoughts on “[BOOKS] ✴ Tales of the Mall Masters ✻ David Gulbraa –

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    Charming, benevolent, and suspenseful

  2. says:

    A somewhat stilted but entertaining book in the alternate history genre, written by an Objectivist Interesting take on how an Objectivist society would look, and how it would handle foreign threats In the plot, the foreign threat comes from socialist America, which reigns east of the Mississippi.

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