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[[ PDF / Epub ]] ✅ Havoc at Prescott High (The Havoc Boys, #1) Author C.M. Stunich –

Havoc at Prescott High (The Havoc Boys, #1) There S One Word You Don T Utter At Prescott High, Not Unless You Want Them To Own You HAVOC Hael, Aaron, Victor, Oscar, And Callum The Havoc Boys Rule The Hellhole We Call Prescott High Once Upon A Time, They Ruled Me For An Entire Year, I Endured Their Shit But Senior Year Is Going To Be Different This Year, I Own Them I Ve Made A Pact With The Havoc Boys To Get The Vengeance I Deserve Their Price Me At Their Beck And Call, In Their Beds, A Part Of Their Gang Their Girl A Havoc Girl Those Dirty, Rotten Boys Are Going To Get Revenge Against Everyone That S Wronged Me Everyone But Themselves HAVOC AT PRESCOTT HIGH Is A , Word Mature High School New Adult Romance With Enemies To Lovers Love Hate Themes It Has Brief Flashbacks Of Past Bullying Incidents As Well As Foul Language And Sexual Scenes Any Sex Featured Is Consensual This Is A Reverse Harem Novel, Meaning The Main Character Has Than One Love Interest This Is Book One Of Three In The Series

    10 thoughts on “[[ PDF / Epub ]] ✅ Havoc at Prescott High (The Havoc Boys, #1) Author C.M. Stunich –

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    2.5 stars, I think.Such a weird book with an extreme tattoo fetish, since it keeps getting mentioned every other sentence what part of a body they are on.I gave it some thought if book 2 comes out in Kindle Unlimited I think I will give it a shot because I m hoping to see of one of the characters.

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    This title of C.M s is available for preorder on instead of being a live release Title is currently set for a November 9th release Preorder the book

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    This book was entertaining, gritty even and a nice change from the elite academy Sadly its pace was slow The story was unrealistic and in some ways cringeworthy given the history of bullying the heroine experienced yet seemingly discounted to obtain help from this Havoc crew There was also way too much time spent in turmoil and drama than progressing the story Must we recount every day in the life of Bernadette Also, why can t we experience the book from other characters perspectives The book read immaturely without breadth of other points of view Sexual tension was great though sexual encounters probably the book s best redeeming quality, burned the pages on my e device, though they didn t occur until a little earlier than midway of the book view spoiler and only with two different characters by the end, with the lead hero claiming ownership Incidentally the scene in which he did that was off the charts hot hide spoiler

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    I waffled between giving this one 2 or 3 stars The first half was really cringeworthy, but then the second half improved, so I really thought I d end up giving it 3 stars And then the heroine did something which made me want to throw my Kindle across the room, so 2 stars it is PLOT SUMMARY 17 year old Bernadette Blackbird beautiful, blonde hair with pink tips, BREASTS THAT ARE A G CUP lives with her mother, younger sister, and abusive stepfather who drove her older sister to commit suicide after he raped her She spent the whole of sopho year being horribly tortured by the HAVOC boys Hael yeah what a stupid name , Aaron her ex boyfriend , Victor, Oscar, and Callum because her ex best friend Kali asked them to They do things for people in return for favours She decides to make a deal with them to get revenge on Kali, her stepfather, and a bunch of other people In return they ask her to be a HAVOC girl, essentially their girl This involves a marriage of convenience with Victor so he can get his inheritance REASONS I WANTED TO KILL MY KINDLE This level of bullying is a HARD PASS for me Hard f cking pass The boys arranged for her to be beaten almost to death, left her naked on the side of a road at night, and locked her in a closet for a week with nothing but water and a bucket You don t get to see this happen in real time, because Stunich cleverly set the story a year after the actual bullying took place, but this kind of bullying is still wayyy beyond what I can handle in a romance I suspect a lot of readers will find it easy to ignore the bullying because it s only told via flashbacks and glossed over, so it s easy to pretend it didn t happen But it most certainly did happen and I m sorry, THEY ARRANGED FOR HER TO BE BEATEN HALF TO DEATH This is even worse than what happened in Filthy Rich Boys or The Secret Girl I was in disbelief Leading on from my previous point they genuinely treated her so badly that Bernadette s slavish lust for them Victor especially makes her look, as is typical with Stunich s heroines, really f cking stupid But wait for it I was just on the edge of beginning to like Bernadette, her dumb traitorous body notwithstanding, when she demonstrated she had lost whatever brain cell she once possessed Wait for it wait for it She realises she should thank the guys because they could have treated her even badly than they did They could have raped or killed her This is genuinely the point where I came closest to abandoning the story, and it was a real shame because it was just when the story was getting good Yes, Bernadette genuinely thinks to herself, IN ALL SERIOUSNESS, that never mind the fact they had her beaten or locked in a cupboard like an animal It s all good, AND SHE SHOULD BE THE ONE THANKING THEM, because they didn t rape or kill her There was a moment in the book where she could have gotten a really awesome revenge on them, and if she had done that, I would have I swear to God given this book four f cking stars and sung its praises to the rafters The revenge would have been really REALLY good, absolutely perfect, and I would have respected the hell out of her But instead, Bernadette, like the moron she is, ruins her one perfect chance at revenge against them because she s grateful to them for not killing her F cking hell In this respect, she is dare I say it even worse a heroine than Marnye Marnye at least acknowledges the necessity of getting revenge on the boys, even if her revenge is pathetic and half hearted But Bernadette doesn t ONCE think about getting revenge NOT ONCE She falls all over herself to screw them instead Who cares that they tore her prom dress off her and told her to run through a forest naked at night away from them Not Bernadette, that s for sure So much suspension of disbelief, my dudes So much As usual, these 17 year old boys Stunich still calls them men , FFS and girl are covered from head to toe in tattoos, screwing teachers, and pulling guns in front of hundreds of witnesses with impunity Sure Also, 17 year old Aaron seems to be living with his little sister and cousin all by themselves, and it s like the state does exist, you know I know people fall though the cracks sometimes, but social services is a thing, and Stunich just likes to pretend that adults don t exist without even explaining to us readers where they ve gone Also, in suspension of disbelief issues, Bernadette accepts the fact that Victor wants her to marry him WAY too easily She basically didn t even question it, or experience a single bit of emotional angst over marrying a guy when ages 17, also the same guy who tortured her for a bloody year The OW drama Don t get me started on the OW drama It s my absolute LEAST FAVOURITE kind, featuring an ex girlfriend of Hael who falls pregnant and is trying to convince him he s the father So he keeps going to meet her or whatever Icky as hell Stunich is great at plot muppets Meet today s plot muppet, Heather, who is supposed to be Bernadette s only reason for living but whom we don t even meet until 32% in Heather is a paper thin little character whom Bernadette spends as little time as possible with and pawns off onto mysterious friends and after school programs as often as possible so she can hang out with Victor, despite claiming that her only goal in life is to keep Heather away from the stepdad Also, I realised this before, like when she thought tiramisu cost like 20 but Stunich is really f cking bad with money So, Bernadette and her family are poor as dirt, like barely able to eat and clothe themselves, right But she has the ability to spend OVER A THOUSAND DOLLARS on a piece of body art, because screw eating Who needs that Stunich genuinely couldn t decide whether she wanted her characters to be poor or rich They all go to a crap school we re constantly told about the metal detectors and K9 units but can spend over 20,000 on a wedding And can wear designer clothes Sometimes, Stunich s writing is honestly just bad Like this You know how we were told ad nauseam that Marnye has rose gold hair Well, if you took a shot in this book every time we re told Bernadette s hair is blonde with pink tips, you d be in a f cking coma JUST ONCE, I want to see Stunich a give a heroine a normal bloody hair colour and b mention a heroine s hair without also mentioning whatever unique feature it has Also, in many places the book is just overwritten She tries to make it so deep and dark and dramatic that the effect is ruined Like, Bernadette keeps falling into Victor s ebon eyes filled with the screams of dying men or whatever, or Callum s voice is full of death and nightmares and pain , and also the characters keep saying really overdramatic teenagerish things to each other that just makes me want to slap them Sorry, not sorry The boy s motivations for bullying her, like I said, was because Kali asked them to This was an extremely weak justification, especially because Bernadette s bloody ex boyfriend Aaron was part of the bullying Also, the first half was so cringey I basically pulled a muscle from eyerolling so hard The way the HAVOC boys works is, you say the word havoc and they ll hear it Um no What if you re in the loo or something, and you say it Will they hear you then What if you say havoc in a totally different context Does it still apply THINGS, TO MY SURPRISE, WHICH WORKED Did someone tell Stunich how much I bitched about those really stupid smells she kept giving her heroes I really hope so, because this time, she managed to restrain herself in the scent department I m so proud of her The boys smelled of mostly normal things like cigarettes, coconut, and musk, and she even dropped in an explanation of why exactly Hael smells like coconut WIN There are some pretty hot sex scenes I m thinking especially of the one Victor films between Hael and Bernadette From 65% onwards, the book became a bit less cringey and plot driven Shame about the first half Also shame about Bernadette s final thing with OMG the boys could ve been worse to me than they already were, they love me really because without it, I d have given this thing 3 stars But it was there, so Blog Bookstagram

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    As far as CM s books go, this was not at the top nor the bottom of my list The note at the beginning of the book is accurate, I d say Havoc is lighter than CM s recent MC series, and the bully type behavior DOES dig darker than the Burberry Prep boys So, I do give kudos for having an accurate warning for readers who want to be discerning in their choices Again, you ve been warned, I will be discussing spoilers This is book one, so take it with a grain of salt The big area where I feel like the starting note was a failure was in mentioning that the guys need to earn the FMC s love Right now, I am VERY skeptical of how that is playing out By the end of book one, she starts to realize one essential thing about the Havoc boys they could have been even dangerous, brutal in their treatment of her This is kind of framed like some big important revelation, and I am PRAYING that there is MUCH to their redemption arc because that starter kind of pissed me off The fact that they could have hurt her worse, but didn t, is not a worthy beginning of redemption in my eyes Aside from that, there s a blatant irresponsibility in how the sex is handled that kind of drives me a bit nuts however, I know it won t bother some readers One of the MMCs cums inside the FMC while she s not on birth control Not only does this happen by accident, it happens again by his choice because he wants to do so For the lifestyle the characters live, this kind of risk just seems oddly out of character, and I hated how one of the MMCs described the reasoning as not exactly verbatim You only ever forget the condom when you re with a girl you really like I m sorry, but this whole situation is just not for me The character development is OK, but we don t dig very deep, and there s definitely a lot needed to really flesh these guys out There are some characters that feel a little unique than the others, like Callum and Hael and mostly Victor, but Oscar and Aaron were falling a bit flat to me I m hoping we get to dive deeper in book two _____________________________________________________________________________________________________That being said, my attention was definitely kept by Havoc I honestly can t explain why, but while I m never super impressed by CM s books, I can t deny that I am definitely entertained almost every time The concept of having these teenage gangsters who will be at your whim with just a whisper of one word is something that I don t see too much in most recent RH books Mixed together with this is Bernie s revenge list, and since many of the people on her list are part of the Havoc boys community, those storylines do intermingle well We don t feel like we re split between two books For me, that was definitely a bonus, and I liked that CM made sure that we could explore the boys storylines and hers at the same time Havoc is also a good place to go if you want to scratch the anti hero itch Although there are some nice guy factors being introduced, things to make us sympathetic to the Havoc boys, they are still responsible for some cold acts that show a distinct ability to put their consciences on hold Overall, read Havoc for the entertainment factor, but don t expect it to be a masterpiece With the books coming out on KU, I ll be reading book two because I DO want to know what happens next.

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    So wrong, but oh so rightThe thing was so gosh damn compelling it wouldn t be right to rate it a 3Did I think I would enjoy it NoDid I want to enjoy it NoDid I put it down in the last 24 hours NoI got to give to to Stunich, she can write this type of harem most excellently But then she does have copious amounts of practice at it.There s no one can write this level of gritty Alpha males, she s got it down to an art In fact it s the heroines who are the ones in need a little work I find them dull and a little samey Pink hair or Rose Gold hair that s the only thing to define them Its all about the men They are the interesting characters worth reading on for.I read the blurb and expected it to be very like I Was Born Ruined, which I did not get on well with But ya know FOMO set in and I had to at least try it I could always put it down if it went wrong But that moment of I can t deal any never came The bullying was not straightforward HAVOC is a gang and Bernadette hires them to get back at the list of people who have wronged her Even though most of Bernadette s bullying came from HAVOC themselves, it turns out they were hired by someone else to do it So ya know that kinda makes it ok on some messed up level.Even they didn t understand why she was giving herself over to the source of her pain The Havoc Boys are than just bullies they re a full fledged gang Once upon a time, they took me down This time, I m sending them on a mission of my own I just hope this transaction doesn t leave me broken and bleeding like it did last time The bullying takes place in a past tense recalling Being past tense makes it a little easier to stomach We also get little flashbacks of how the Havoc guys have helped her before they were hired to bully her AW there s hope for the wee black hearted monsters darlings yet. Think of this as a soft core Born Ruined, which takes place in a school the total opposite of Ruthless Boys It s a school boy gang and they are pretty hardcore Drugs, guns, tattoos etc etc Very MC but without the older members is why I think I can take this and found it pretty addicting.The sex scenes were hot as usual and paced nicely Not too many and not too fewI can t wait for Callum and Oscar they are my early favourites Hael red Mohawk, red Camero Oscar Glasses and ipad permanently attached to his armVictor Leader and all round asshole Aaron ex boyfriendCallum sorry no spoilers Bernadette the busty blonde I can t help it this will always be every Bernadette to me

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    this is dark like HEAVY trigger warnings for abuse physical, verbal, and emotional , sexual assault, rape mentions, bullying mentions the author does put a note for this at the beginning but not for the other stuff , unrealistic body proportions, implied sex trafficking, pedophilia mentions and all around men luring on minor girls, explicit sex scenes involving minors, mention of child rape kind of reminds me of cruel by raven kennedy, their sinner by serena akeroyd, and the brayshaw series but a little better another book to file under too white for me to understand except i did understand because unlike most too white for me to understand books, stunich actually knows how to write pretty well but that s irrelevant standard case of oh look at me i m not afraid to eat my weight in front of guys and wipe the grease on my clothes different kind of girl bernadette doesn t actually do much which is disappointing when you compare her to marnye or even charlotte who also doesn t really do much because she s so angry and hurt that you would think she d at least pull her own weight but she mostly just sits back and let s the boys do everything despite going with them you would think now that she s actually part of the group she d do hopefully in the next books she does uhhh how is this rh lol cause so far it s really just the one guy kind of i mean i know she said at book 3 she d end up with 3 or of them but like,,,, i m not seeing how that s going to work right now lol take a shot for every time bernadette mentions something being stolen despite all the faults, i still enjoyed the book probably means i need help or something actually it s just because gang mafia related books are my weakness even if i don t condone them at all seriously don t do it and don t get involved with anyone in them trust me does this mean at this point in time i ship her with anyone no lol hopefully that changes in the next book honestly i just want to protect bernadette like damn i was frustrated the whole time because i just want to help her and also again because she doesn t really do much but now to wait for january for book 2 how do that

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    Things I liked Bernie s fear to be emotionaly intimate with her bullies Her self hatred that might be spurring her to be physically intimate with them Her PTSD flashes made her realistic Hot scenes Thing I didn t like Too often, too much how bad ass every guy is, how evil he looks, how cold he looks, how many tatoos he has, etc Every couple of pages we get the same spiel, and at some point it is enough I started skipping descriptions and reading just dialog, then I lost some of the action, and then I lost some of the interest in the book Guys like Havoc would have been embroiled in baby drama for a long time already Surprising how they all managed to remain unattached A victim of such intense bullying as portrayed in the book would likely go mental first, before asking the bully for help.Things I am not sure about This might be completely standard for a reverse harem but it seemed like all the character need to be somewhat numb due to past trauma, in order to be fine with the emotional polyamory Like if they don t feel normal emotions, then they can t be hurt when Bernie goes and sleeps with each one of the guys None of them have likely experienced exclusive parental love and it seems like polyamory could be something that stems from neglect and low self worth I am not sure this is realistic I did not see what was so special about Bernie, that probably all five guys are in love with her and probably would agree to share her by the end of the series Aaron being this risky gangster, yet taking care of his kids One day someone is going to put a gun to his head and then his girls would be alone He doesn t seem to reflect on this Those little girls are like props take them in hand when needed, drop them off when not needed there is not much interaction between them and their caretakers These girls probably are aware of all the gang stuff going on, but their reactions are unknown and not important, giving them the flat character prop vibe Overall, not going on with the series.

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    Ummm Yes First off I ve been reading CM Stunich books now for over 4 years She s by far my favorite author I d read her grocery list if she published it Here is the thing Bully books, RH are all the thing right now Bully RH books are definitely in I ve read my fair share of them Most I enjoy Some are far fetched Some make the main character look weak for giving in What CM does with Bernadette what a kick ass name in Havoc is pure genius We get this dark bully read where these boys have tried to break her When it s her turn to ask them to help break someone else, she doesn t hesitant It s not an instant love instant forgiveness we see in a lot of bully books She struggles with trying to understand the pull she feels for them There s a lot of push and pull which tends to be my favorite type of stories And the boys fans self I m not sure I could pick just one favorite WhyChose Vic is fierce, protective and definitely a little crazyHael is sweet, light hearted Callum has a great back story and snuck up on meOscar is the brains, jury is still out on himAaron, oh Aaron They have some deep history that makes me want to root for him I can t wait to hear about the past between Aaron and Bernadette Did I mention this book is hot It wasn t a book where there s sex thrown in everywhere though The chemistry was real If I had to describe this book in 5 adjectives I would choose dark, sexy, push and pull, enthralling, powerful Do yourself a favor clear your schedule, silence your phone and plan on reading this in one session You will not want to stop Just be prepared to end on a killer cliff hanger as the book hangover is hard with this one You won t have to wait too long though as CM is literally a magical being who busts out these perfectly written, 100,000 plus word books like they re hot cakes.

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    This cover is so beautiful It s easy to picture Bernadette as the girl from the cover, and Victor as the male It hasn t been confirmed who the male is supposed to be, but I will go ahead and say it is what I picture for Victor I absolutely adored Bernie She was funny, fast tongued and witty, and stood her ground She let everyone know what she thought and wouldn t take shit from anyone besides the Havoc boys After going through so much, I would have expected her to be a bit on the submissive type, breaking under the pressure I was so happy to be proved wrong with her All of the hardships she went through made her a stronger person and painted her with vivid shades of pain, torture, loss, love, and so much Not only did I love Bernie, but I loved the boys All five of them had very distinct features physically and figuratively and their own personalities I ended up enjoying Victor and Hael the most of the boys, since they did have interactions throughout the book Stunich really paints a visual for the boys as well as Bernie I have read Stunich before and loved everything I have read, but this is by far my favorite to date It s pretty dark, but not as dark as some other books I have read Not only were the characters amazing, the writing was as well The story was great and the dialogue was beyond enticing There are a lot of dark and hot moments throughout this book, and it s definitely not for everyone I, personally, enjoyed the hell out of this book and I can t wait for the next book to be released I highly recommend this book Just be warned that it is kind of dark at points Full review on my blog that goes further into detail Link on profile.

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