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    Looking forward to seeing how many 1 star ratings this gets before it s even published from new Goodreads members who have never read any other books.

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    I am pleased to report that this book is NOT a simple chronological blow by blow of Trump s campaign, inauguration, and presidency Honestly, it s bad enough to live through it in real time It was painful to read through it in Michael Wolff s Fire Fury , and it was something close to torture to read it again in Bob Woodward s Fear Instead, A Warning uses Cicero s criteria for leadership to run through various events in Trump s presidency like a time traveler One minute, staff members are pacing a room thinking how they re going to defend Trump clearly defacing a weather map the next, Trump is insisting that there are very fine people on both sides of the Charlottesville incident The benefit of this approach is that the author is able to lump similar events together to show a clear pattern in Trump s behavior and decision making process The book is intelligently communicated and is far less salacious than other Trump books I ve read, but nevertheless paints a clear picture of a man who doesn t really have any interest in government, no knowledge of how government works, and even less interest in learning how government works He s an old man who s spent his entire life with subservient staff who jump at the chance to do whatever he wants As a result, he doesn t know or care what anyone s role is they re all just there to do what he demands, even if it means asking the press secretary to wash his socks A Warning, which seems to have been written specifically for republicans, comes off less like the warning it says it is until the very end and like a sincere plea The plea is a simple one being a good president is than simply appointing conservative judges willy nilly, and Trump has none of those good qualities, so please, pleeease, pleeeeeeeease do not vote for him in 2020 The most surprising thing about this book is how little of it wasn t already in the public domain I m pleased with that while the book does sometimes give us a look into the foul life of our president, the book doesn t rely on things we can t prove Instead, it groups similar patterns and events together so that we can clearly see Trump s cruelty, ineptitude, and incuriousness at every level Most of the private interactions between the author and the president simply involve a bit swearing than what we see in public He hates mistrusts notetakers, often stopping halfway through a meeting when he finally notices someone taking minutes and shouts something to the effect of WHAT THE F CK ARE YOU DOING All of the nicknames terms of endearment he has for women are plastered across one awful, cringeworthy page All in all, this was a great, quick read It s damning, but with a somber tone and an underlying plea that we decide we deserve better than him While I don t think it will change the mind of even a single Trump supporter, I do think it s the closest thing out there to accomplishing that.

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    I challenge all Senate Republicans to read this book Preferably before the next round of hearings.

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    Tit Bits 1886 7th November Maddow has an ARC and she read out excerpts on her show Maybe she should read the audiobook like she narrates as Vesper Fairchild in Batwoman Book Trump recklessness sparked W.H five alarm fire drills Rachel Maddow shares some of the first excerpts from the forthcoming book A Warning by an anonymous author described as a senior official in the Trump administration, describing the challenge of briefing Donald Trump in pictures and sound bites, and the staff panic of trying to prevent damage from Trump s ill considered decisions.

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    The identity of the Anonymous who wrote A Warning , will probably be identified before too long Certainly, the person who wrote this book, an expose of his time in the Trump White House, is giving away the secrets Trump and his associates would like to keep hidden Much of what he exposes is scary Trump s finger is where it definitely shouldn t be.If you don t like Donald Trump or are terribly scared of him you ll like this book If you like Trump, nothing here will change your vote in November The book is well written, but if it wasn t written by anonymous , it would probably be out there with the Trump exposure books.

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    I wish I could put a copy of this in the hand of every American It is a rather bleak and sobering look at the presidency of Donald J Trump, and than anything makes me pray that he is ousted from the office in 2020 The author points out all the reasons we need a new president, whether it s another Republican or Democrat, we really can t afford another 4 years of this man in the office.

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    A Warning is a strange mix of common sense, confirmation, and partisan propaganda that, oddly, feels like an expanded op ed piece written by an outsider I m not saying the author isn t a high ranking White House official, only that his or her fear of being outed means that there is virtually no insider information to be found within these pages which, let s face it, is the main reason why most of us are reading it in the first place.To get this out of the way The author claims the reason for his or her anonymity is to avoid the message being overshadowed by the messenger, but I believe this logic is faulty The author s anonymity actually undermines the message After detailing signs of Trump s systemic racism, for example, the author states I still don t think he s a hardline racist, but draw your own conclusions Not knowing who the author is makes it difficult to care what he or she thinks it might as well be the guy on the bar stool next to me And consider this, from page 185 It s important that advisers speak truth to power Presidents have enough flatterers in their midst What they need than anything are people willing to present unvarnished facts and to challenge bad decisions Ideological statements like this, while lofty, carry no weight because without knowing who the author is we cannot know if they are actually voicing truth to the commander in chief.From a literary standpoint the writing is good, but the author engages in one of my pet peeves telling readers what they will find in the book if they keep reading as opposed to just getting on with it Sentences such as as we will discuss later pepper the first third of the book I m already reading the thing I don t need a coming up after the break to keep going just tell me already.The few pieces of previously unpublished information we do get are only half anecdotes to avoid spilling protected state secrets or frustrating teases that divulge too little Here s an example of the latter, from page 178 People around Trump are also blameworthy Some among us have too readily accepted the president s offers to start Twitter wars to denigrate critics opposed to the administration s policies, while others actively seek him out and ask Trump to send raw voltage into the news feeds of his followers in order to light up a new cause There are a dozen questions to be asked about this fascinating passage, but you won t find any of them answered here and, of course, we don t know who to direct them to Aside from those three or four sparse paragraphs spread throughout the book, we get a dull recounting of the past three years of journalists hard work although there are no citations, which should have been a common sense inclusion Anonymous tells us that Trump is misogynistic , a pathological liar, uses weaponized language at his rallies, and exploits the mob mentality of social media by inflaming public debates and dispatching supporters to attack politicians who ve criticized him When even his supporters don t deny any of those things, it all just feels like filler Here s another scoop Apparently, the president uses his Twitter account a lot, and it makes life difficult for his administration And get this Trump once told a reporter he could grab women by the genitalia You don t say Tell us , anonymous insider The book is chock full of things like this that only waste your precious reading time.More than any of Trump s personality traits faults, Anonymous who claims the Republican party as his or her own despises the president s well documented capacity for lying, and makes the convincing argument that Trump s near constant distortion of the truth is the major reason for the ineffectiveness of his administration and the damage it has arguably caused to international relationships For someone who relies so heavily on the truth however, there is a fair bit of spin here According to the author, democrats refuse to work with anyone about anything despite the hundreds of bills the House has passed that can t make it past the Senate majority leader s desk Members of congress reportedly can t get anything done because they are constantly shying away from cooperation and adopting the tone of those who pressure them on social media And here, I thought it was the corporate pac money they were taking, but nope according to Anonymous, it s all Twitter s fault A Warning is not entirely a waste of time the best moments of the book come when the author holds up an historical mirror to our current sociopolitical climate particularly effective is the analogy of Trump to Cleon, an ancient, prominent Athenian These moments are insightful and thoughtfully presented, and the author draws a clear parallel between the two men This type of analysis could have given the book merit, but these moments are too few and fleeting.The last third of the book speaks directly to readers who still support the president Given its thesis President Trump is a danger to our democracy and must be replaced , it s difficult to imagine any of them will read that far Yet, those readers who have decided this administration is not doing the job they want it to are likely familiar with the already well worn arguments the book presents Who, then, is it for I have a thought Hundreds of years from now, as long as all newspaper, internet, and media archives have been destroyed, A Warning will stand as a correlational report of what happened during the reign of this administration Until and unless that happens, it s a pointless read.

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    And here it is, the big scandal book of year, and for the most part, it lives up to the hype in terms of the depth of examination it brings to the current administration while also at times falling short It is certainly true that there isn t much genuinely new in this book, beyond what all sensible people of every political persuasion understand about the preposterous little man child we currently have as president and his administration it s in shambles and that long dead fish rots from the head The author is very aware of the waves of extreme talk on our constitutionally anointed king joffrey and how it has become quite easy to accept that this is just how politics is currently run and that the constant alarmism of some generates a pervasive apathy among otherwise upstanding citizens The criticism of the Trump administration is so frenzied that ordinary Americans are struggling to discern truth from fiction There is only so much the public can absorb When everything is a crisis and a scandal, the end result is that nothing is Americans are fed up with the cacophony, becoming numb to it While many in right wing news media will already be calling this author a traitor, or treasonous, or a member of the deep state, or any other bits of social media age vocab they learned from our pusillanimous prelate, this author makes it very clear that To be clear, there is no seditious plot inside the administration to undercut the president Adding later, contradicting the tone of the previous op ed from this author last year I was wrong about the quiet resistance inside the Trump administration Unelected bureaucrats and cabinet appointees were never going to steer Donald Trump the right direction in the long run, or refine his malignant management style He is who he is Americans should not take comfort in knowing whether there are so called adults in the room We are not bulwarks against the president and shouldn t be counted upon to keep him in check That is not our job That is the job of the voters and their elected representatives Though that may ring hollow for some or as a disappointment for others, there it is What this book forms is an insider s argument for the firing of their boss, not as some missive from the resistance This person then proceeds to evaluate our commander in chief by the standards of the Greek cardinal virtues wisdom, temperance, courage, and justice as reformulated by Roman philosopher and orator Cicero a couple hundred years later 1 Understanding and acknowledging truth.2 Maintaining good fellowship with men, giving to every one his due, and keeping faith in contracts and promises.3 Greatness and strength of a lofty and unconquered mind.4 The order and measure that constitute moderation and temperance I know, you likely didn t get past the first one before you either chuckled or raised an eyebrow at the idea of the donald measuring up to any of that nor would even he think that he is trying to , that is the author s conclusion as well reinforcing the idea of, this is were we are with our democracy, but is this truly what we wish to be There are some behind the scenes revelations that have already been discussed among the news networks that received advanced copies so you can peruse those as you like Having purchased this I cannot imagine that you don t already have some sort of critical view of the president, this book will confirm your worst intuitions and then some The author is at their most poignant and perspicacious in the epilogue We are getting the presidency and the Congress we deserve It is not obvious that elected leaders are mimicking our behavior Their snarky attacks and Twitter jabs sound a lot like the text messages we send, the comments we make below news articles, and the condescending memes we post to Facebook because it s easier to fire rounds from behind a digital wall than has out problems face to face It s no wonder people think Washington is broken We are broken And throughout this review I have hardly kept my opinions on the president a mystery and have engaged in talk that perhaps the author would find counterproductive, perhaps, but then again you work for him, I do not And you think something can be done about him, I do not.

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    The author, a senior administration official, paints an alarming picture of the 45th President of the United States as an erratic and unqualified leader Through a toxic combination of amorality and indifference, the president has failed to rise to the occasion in fulfilling his dutiesChapter 1 Collapse of the Steady State Those officials that may have kept Trump from his worst impulses at the beginning of the term are leaving and The White House is broken. The remaining individuals are like bank robbery hostages lying on the floor at gunpoint, unable to sound the alarm, but aware that everyone else was stricken with the same fear of the unknown.Chapter 2 The Character of a Man Intellectual laziness , irregular mental state , idiot , and moron are some of the observations by the author and others who have worked closely with Trump He routinely exhibits traits of a bad character or no character at all Many of us who ve joined his administration recognize he is a vindictive and self promoting person, one who spends inordinate time attacking others to advance his interests Those qualities translate into governing As a result, we have all learned the hard way that the president s modus operandi emphasizes combat over peacemaking, bullying over negotiating, malice over clemency, and recognition over true generosity In sum, he is the portrait of an unjust man. His behavior is quintessentially unseemly, from crude rhetoric and vulgar jokes to immodest public reactions.Chapter 3 Fake Views Trump changes his mind and is on every side of every issue, not seeming to hold a single firm principle or position The successes are mostly the result of the Republicans in Congress or senior WH aides He promised to reduce the federal debt but the deficit has increased every year that he s been in office He has fooled them into thinking he is a conservative, when he is not They expect he will be unfailingly loyal to their causes, when he will not. The patriots who are still in uniform will not come out and say it because they don t want to openly disagree with their commander in chief but many are appalled by Trump s lack of decorum and his imprudent leadership of the armed forces.Chapter 4 Assault on Democracy Trump is abusing his power and seeks to undermine the checks and balances from the other branches of government, a cornerstone of our democracy He also regularly assails and denigrates the public servants who work for the federal government He is seriously ignorant of national security challenges The president s claim of a Deep State sounds preposterous because it is The person intent on destroying democratic foundations is Donald Trump, not the honorable public servants who go to work every day to make sure our government runs to uphold our Constitution. The unavoidable conclusion is that the president sees himself as above the law, which is a scary point of view for a person who swears before God and the nation to faithfully execute it.Chapter 5 A Weakness for Strongmen Trump has demeaned and insulted America s historical allies in the G7 and elsewhere, while he has seemingly abandoned a century long consensus about America s role as leader of the free world. Even those in his own administration don t understand why Trump has met alone with Putin, without any advisors present Why doesn t he want anyone to know about his discussions with Russia Why is he appeasing America s enemies Those privy to the content of the president s phone calls with foreign leaders were red faced with embarrassment To us, he came off like a complete amateur, using important calls to brag about himself and make awkward comments. Willful ignorance is the fairest way to describe the president s attitude towards our enemies. Our enemies and adversaries recognize the president as a simplistic pushover.Chapter 6 The New Mason Dixon Line Trump s words have three serious consequences coarse vulgar rhetoric, undermining the truth, and fostering a mob mentality, all historical destroyers of democracy It s not just that Trump s style of communicating is rambling or contentious It s that he s laid waste to public decency The president has been called a pathological liar I used to cringe when I heard people say it just to score political points, and I thought it was unfair Now I know it s true.Chapter 7 Apologists The environment inside the White House is getting uglier There are too many people who are obsequious pleasers that won t stand up to Trump, a trend that accelerated about two years into his presidency The new White House cohort is increasingly filled by those with questionable morals, the undereducated, persons with weak principles, and united by negative altitudes, most often hatred These new Trump disciples are motivated by power, tribal allegiance, and fear Capitol Hill also has its share of Republican sycophants and servile attitudes.Chapter 8 We the Electorate The author, who wrote an op ed in The New York Times, now confesses that s he was wrong about the administration advisors being able to fix the situation They can t do it And the author opposes non electoral means impeachment, instigating a crisis, or the 25th Amendment S he supports an electoral decision that removes Trump decisively However Plato wrote that the government represents the citizens that comprise the nation and the views and morality of the people are reflected in the leaders they elect The Trump administration is an unmitigated catastrophe, and the responsibility rests entirely at his feet, the predictable outcome of assigning organizational leadership to a man of weak morals.An excellent book and hopefully Americans will heed the Warning.

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