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OutmatchedWhat Happens When A Boxer Finds Chemistry With A Geek Parker Brown Can T Believe She Needs To Hire A Fake Boyfriend When She Landed Her Dream Job In Renewable Energy, She Thought She D Be Entering A World At The Forefront Of Progressive Thinking But The Head Boss Prefers To Promote Employees Who Are Settled Thankfully, She S Found The Perfect Candidate, A Fellow Intellectual Looking For Some Quick Cash What Parker Gets Is His Protective Big Brother Rhys Morgan The Tall, Muscled Ex Boxer With A Foul Mouth Shows Up Just As Her Boss Does, And Now She S Stuck With The Manipulative Jerk.Responsibility Weighs Heavily On Rhys Now Permanently Out Of The Ring, He S Trying To Hold Together His Late Father S Gym And Keep His Younger Brother, Dean, On The Straight And Narrow To Save Dean From Himself, Rhys Takes His Place, Ready To Give This Society Girl A Piece Of His Mind Instead, He Finds An Opportunity Even Though They Can Hardly Stand Each Other, Posing As Parker S Boyfriend Is A Win Win Deal She Gets To Keep Her Job, And He Ll Charm Her Star Struck Boss Into Sponsoring His Gym Problem Is, They Can Barely Keep Their Hands Off Each Other And What Started As An Easy Deal Isn T So Easy Any Because What Future Can A Rough Ex Boxer, Afraid To Open His Heart, And A Polished Society Geek, Who Has Sworn Off Real Relationships, Possibly Have They Say Opposites Attract These Opposites Are About To Combust On Impact.

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    An unlikely, yet predictable romance novel written by two of my favorite authors that have created a novel filled with angst and so much passion ARC kindly provided by the publicist at SBPR, in exchange for an honest reviewFollow Me On Blog Instagram Facebook Twitter

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    5 STARS If we made it through this ruse with me going to prison for assault instead of murder, I d call it a win The guy really pushed my buttons And I hadn t even known I had any. I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW.Seriously I don t even know what to do with myself What do you do when two of your favorite authors co write a book together and not only does it live up to your RIDICULOUSLY BIG expectations but actually EXCEEDS it You flail like the happy fangirl that you are and offer up an ovary on the chance that this will mark the first book in a series What It s a totally normal reaction Stop judging me GOD.If you love enemies to lovers and fake relationship tropes, this is your next obsession Guys, I m not even kidding This book was everything All of the things Witty banter, humor, and all of the steam And the characters My god Talk about opposites attract Parker Brown is a girl after my own heart She comes from privilege but it certainly doesn t define who she is She s a lot smart and with just the right amount of quirky Desperate to make an impression on her boss s misogynistic a hole boss in order to secure the job of her dreams Sounds easy right Too bad it s not her knowledge at work that matters, but the having a boyfriend So what s a girl to do Hire one, of course Rhys Morgan is a retired boxer desperate to keep his gym afloat after the passing of his father So when he learns that his brother got a job pimping himself out to some pretentious rich chick, he s all too eager to put a kibosh on it But when he stomps to meet her and put her in her place, he somehow ends up making an impression on her boss and offering to take his brother s place PLOT TWIST The banter between these two was off the charts hot SWEET BABY JEBUS The banter was everything Rhys and and Parker absolutely burn up the pages together Their chemistry is incendiary The slow building romance is packed with so much sexual tension that you feel like your fingers singe just turning the pages The pages are full of witty banter and sizzling chemistry that I just couldn t get enough of Parker may have grown up privileged but she s determined to make her own way I just loved her Then there s the mouthy Boston boxer with a heart of gold Together they set the book on fire And that s not even mentioning the incredible secondary characters that I m desperately hoping will be getting their own books.Basically, this book was freaking fantastic An absolute must read full of heart, humor, and steam ARC courtesy of authors in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on

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    30 year old Parker Brown loves her job at a Renewable Energy company, but the owner is a chauvinistic sexist man who only hire married or woman in a serious relationship which proves in his eyes a long term commitment Parker has been single for 13 years, and now she could lose her job, so she hires the perfect candidate, Dean Morgan to be her fake boyfriend But when the time comes, she finds herself in front of a different guy He doesn t wear a suit, he s rough, has a dirty mouth and he s PISSED Rhys Morgan Aww even his name is sexy Is an ex heavy weight boxer that runs his family s gym, but it s on the verge of bankruptcy He s the perfect combination of soft and tough in one sweet package Rhys refuses to let a rich woman pimp his little brother, so he goes to tell Parker exactly what he thinks of her instead, he takes the role as her fake boyfriend They can help each other he could find a sponsor to save his gym and she could keep her job What could possibly go wrong Rhys and Parker are complete opposites she is tiny and intelligent, rides electric bike to save the earth and never curses He looks like a mountain of muscles, rides a Harley and has no filters But together, they prove that contrasts really do attract No doubt, the best thing about this book is their interactions their banters made me laugh out loud especially when he tries to get her to curse , I loved their embarrassing moments, the passion and romance, the way they were the perfect balance for each other but mostlly, I just loved Rhys The book talks about an important issue gender inequality and injustice that women go through in male dominated work places, but unfortunately the solution was too superficial It could have given the book an important quality and depth I won t lie, there were parts that made me roll my eyes I grew wary over his size Do you think that ll fit and towards the end I got tired of the insecurities, misunderstandings and people who tried to destroy them I would rather read about the way their relationships grew and evolved But despite that I really enjoyed this book It s a sweet, passionate romantic comedy that came just in the right time with awesome characters, fun plot and great writing I have no idea which author wrote what I didn t even feel like the book was written by two different authors what proves that together, Samantha and Kristen makes a hell of a great team So if you want a light and fun read that would make you laugh and fall in love, this is the book for you O O E O I T G Get your copy NOW

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    5 STARS Wow this one was amazing, it was addictive,heartwarming,fun,sweet and steamy Now, I need books from this duo Outmatched has everything I wanted and even I enjoyed the romance so much and I couldn t get enough of Parker and Rhys They have a great banter, they make me smile, laugh and swoon Rhys and Parker gave to each other what they needed They have a great combination I adored them They also were intense and so steamy sigh I loved them so much They are my new favorite couple Get ready to fall in love and swoon Kristen Callihan and Samantha Young delivers a heartwarming,steamy and fun romance

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    5 Stars ARC provided by author Social Butterfly PR Parker Brown is a single woman living in Boston who comes from a well known, wealthy family Her career has become her entire focus, and she loves her job working in renewable energy as a data analyst She s determined to move up in the company, and wants to score a permanent contract The only problem is the top boss has an old fashioned way of thinking, and prefers his employees to be settled Since Parker hasn t found that special someone yet, she looks to hire someone to be her date to work functions She s found the perfect guy He s an intellectual like herself and they should have plenty in common Instead she gets his older, overprotective big brother Rhys.Rhys Morgan is an ex professional boxing champion who is known as the best of his generation He s now retired from boxing, and running his family s boxing gym The only issue is his finances are in trouble, and he needs money to pay off his mountains of debt He has a lot of responsibilities that have fallen on his shoulders, but his top priority would always be his younger brother Dean When he finds out about his deal with Parker, he decides to give this society girl a piece of his mind There was no way he was going to let this privileged princess get anywhere near his brother Then he realizes when her rich boss shows up that this may be the opportunity he s been needing If he could find a sponsor for his gym, then all his problems would be solved Rhys ultimately decides he could be arm candy for the right price So what if they couldn t stand each other He would pretend to be her boyfriend, and things between them would be strictly business He never thought he would find anything about her appealing He could admit the quirky, polished environmentalist was beautiful, but they came from very different backgrounds, and had nothing in common.Parker was furious that Rhys basically hijacked here life She d made a deal with the devil, and now had to spend too much time with the broody jerk who was full of attitude Where his brother looked pretty boy, Rhys was rugged and rough around the edges He was extremely hot, but totally not her type She liked her men refined, and less bad boy, but as they get to know one another better she realizes she s developed a huge crush on her fake boyfriend He was intoxicating, and their unexpected connection blindsided her Their pretend relationship starts to feel very real all of the sudden Will they explore the chemistry between them, or will they decide they are too different to ever fit into each others worlds He was beautiful in a primal way With her, I felt like something new, something better Outmatched by Kristen Callihan and Samantha Young is a fabulous enemies to lovers romance where opposites attract and fall hard for one another I loved this book so much It was an easy five stars for me This writing duo is golden together, and I hope they collaborate again I couldn t get enough of Rhys and his huge heart and gentle soul He was completely dreamy I would be thrilled if we could get books in this world I would love a story for Carlos or Dean NOW AVAILABLE

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    FIVE STARS ARC Generously Provided by Authors No matter what he said, I had to end this deal My feelings well, my feelings were now involved, and after what just happened between us, I knew this man had the power to hurt me Deeply.Kristen Callihan and Samantha Young, two authors who have been on my favorites list for years, have come together to collaborate for the first time, and I truly hope there is in store with this fabulous writing duo OUTMATCHED is a wildly fun and steamy opposites attract romance between a prim and proper career oriented New York princess and a ruggedly handsome ex heavyweight boxing champion Parker Brown, aka Tinkerbell , and Rhys Morgan at first glance, appear to be an odd match There couldn t be anything these two have in common but when they peel back each other s layers, there is no mistaking how they are two halves of a perfect whole.Parker is trying to get a permanent position at the company she works at To do so, she needs to be in a serious relationship and bring her man to some company sponsored functions She uses an app to hire the perfect man to be her date for the unforeseeable future Parker wasn t expecting to get a two hundred fifteen pound sinfully sexy alpha male to be her fake boyfriend Rhys younger brother was supposed to play the part, but Rhys was not about to let his brother throw his ivy league education down the drain to become a paid escort He intended to meet Parker and give her a piece of his mind but winds up taking his brother s place when he realizes that the arrangement could help him save his family owned gym.Rhys and Parker are like oil and water at the start of their journey but it s clear from their first encounter that underneath the tension and hostility is some scorching hot chemistry The anticipation for these two to give in to their desires for each other is almost painful For readers, it s easy to see these two are a match made in heaven but their shared cluelessness will make for some thoroughly angsty fodder.Here are my overall ratings Hero 5Heroine 5Plot Angst 4Steam 4Chemistry Between Hero Heroine 5 OUTMATCHED releases on November 19th This was a terrific debut novel by this amazing writing duo I m looking forward to by Callihan and Young Worldwide OutmatchedKCSYKobo Books

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    Wow, I really needed this This was definitely a case of the right book at the right time I love when that happens I am a huge fan of the opposites attract trope and the geek and the jock is unquestionably my favorite Not to mention the whole fake relationship deal Count me in Parker who is trying to climb the corporate ladder is in need of a boyfriend to impress her boss She decides to go the unusual route to conjure one up.she hires him P Unfortunately, there is a case of mixed identity kind of and Parker is now stuck with her fake boyfriend s brother Rhys tall, muscled ex boxer and totally not what she had in mind Rhys jumps at the opportunity to solve his own financial problems These two were absolutely awesome together I fell in love with both characters and their back and forth banter There is definitely a case of enemies to lovers here and it was delicious If you enjoy funny and steamy romances with a touch of sarcastic banter thrown in, you should really give this one a go An ARC was provided to in exchange for an honest review

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    Not sure what I did to get the privilege of getting an early copy of Outmatched by Kristen Callihan and Sam Young but I m extra grateful Amazing banter, amazing chemistry, amazing character development.This book was just all around amazing.I finished this book in an almost one sitting my bladder isn t that young and I FLOVED IT It reads like a dream you never want to wake up from.SO SO SO GOOD and HOT So hot The first kiss scene in this book had me projecting, honestly Wow.Enemies to lovers, opposites attracts, hired fake boyfriend, hero is a boxer HERO IS A BOXER My romance reader s heart is full and also ready to read about Dean and Carlos Please let this be the start of a neverending collab between these two authors Brilliant More reviews and book talk at You can find me here too

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    3 Cracked in the Head Stars What could a retired heavyweight boxer and an environmentally friendly geek have in common Well actually, almost everything once they got over their egos, animosity, and their narrow minded views of each other Parker Brown needs a fake boyfriend to progress at work Where she thought she was hiring a compatible escort to play the part, she got the caveman brother in his place Before she has the chance to tell him to piss off, Rhys Morgan has accepted the role, concreting their fake relationship with her colleagues If we made it through this ruse with me going to prison for assault instead of murder, I d call it a win Desperation is evidentially driving Rhys Morgan as he is now officially Parker s boyfriend Why some high society girl needs to a hire a man is unfathomable But for Rhys, the money he gets from this gig will help save his family gym that is sinking faster than the titanic.Supposedly, they are two people that are total opposites and clearly despise each other With an arrangement that forces them to spend far too much time together, they will come to realize that first impressions aren t always right Their newfound tolerance to get the job done soon turns into an opportunity for Such as all the touching and kissing disguised as practice.This duet of authors have managed to create a light hearted romance filled with great banter Unfortunately these two characters both warranted a good smack across the head for being thick headed The constant miscommunication between Parker and Rhys and denial of their attraction created unnecessary obstacles To be fair, I m probably not the ideal target audience as I prefer my romances raunchier and faster paced, but I do enjoy a good rom com This was just OK.

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    This was quite fun Kristen Samantha both are one of my favorite authors and I really liked this story ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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