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❤ The Photographer of the Lost pdf ⚣ Author Caroline Scott –

The Photographer of the LostIn The Tradition Of Jennifer Robson And Hazel Gaynor, This Unforgettable Debut Novel Is A Sweeping Tale Of Forbidden Love, Profound Loss, And The Startling Truth Of The Broken Families Left Behind In The Wake Of World War I Survivors Of The Great War Are Desperately Trying To Piece Together The Fragments Of Their Broken Lives While Many Have Been Reunited With Their Loved Ones, Edie S Husband Francis Is Still Missing Francis Is Presumed To Have Been Killed In Action, But Edie Knows He Is AliveHarry, Francis S Brother, Was There The Day Francis Went Missing In Ypres And Like Edie, He S Hopeful Francis Is Living Somewhere In France, Lost And Confused Hired By Grieving Families In Need Of Closure, Harry Returns To The Western Front To Photograph Soldiers Graves As He Travels Through France Gathering News For British Wives And Mothers, He Searches For Evidence His Own Brother Is Still AliveWhen Edie Receives A Mysterious Photograph That She Believes Was Taken By Francis, She Is Certain Than Ever He Isn T Dead Edie Embarks On Her Own Journey In The Hope Of Finding Some Trace Of Her Husband Is He Truly Gone, Or Could He Still Be Alive And If He Is, Why Hasn T He Come Home As Harry And Edie S Paths Converge, They Get Closer To The Truth About Francis And, As They Do, Are Soon Faced With The Life Changing Impact Of The Answers They DiscoverAn Incredibly Moving Account Of An Often Forgotten Moment In History Those Years After The War That Were Filled With The Unknown The Poppy Wife Tells The Story Of The Thousands Of Soldiers Who Were Lost Amid The Chaos And Ruins In Battle Scarred France And The Even Greater Number Of Men And Women Hoping To Find Them Again

❤ The Photographer of the Lost pdf ⚣ Author Caroline Scott –
  • Paperback
  • 448 pages
  • The Photographer of the Lost
  • Caroline Scott
  • 06 October 2018
  • 9780062955326

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    In 1921 The Great War may have ended, but so many desperate families are still trying to find out what happened to their missing husbands, sons and brothers Edie s beloved husband Francis is still listed as missing, Francis is presumed to have been killed in action in France and Edie still believes that he could possibly be alive Harry, Francis s brother, was with him the day Francis went missing during the battle for Ypres, like Edie, he s hopeful Francis is still alive and living somewhere in France Harry returns to France and he s trying to help grieving families find some closure Harry takes photograph s of soldiers graves and sends the pictures back to their families in England As he travels through war damaged France gathering news for British wives and mothers, he searches for any evidence that his own brother is still alive.For Harry going back to France is very hard, he still suffers terribly from his own experiences during the war, he has horrible nightmares and flashbacks He also suffers from survivors guilt and why was he one of the lucky ones to survive the war His younger brother Will died and older brother Francis has left behind a wife who s still not sure if she s a widow When Edie receives a mysterious photograph, she believes it might have been taken recently by Francis, and she s now certain that he s still alive Edie embarks on her own journey in the hope of finding some trace of her missing husband Is he truly gone, buried in a unmarked grave in France or could he be living in France But why hasn t he come home, has he lost his memory or has he been badly wounded and thinks she wouldn t love him any due to his injuries Harry and Edie s paths cross, together they try to solve the mystery of what happened to Francis and could he hiding somewhere in France Thousands of men are listed as missing in action and France was a total mess after the war finished.Towns are destroyed, buildings are gone, the landscape looks different and fields are full of old army trenches The countryside is littered with discarded and broken weapons, empty shell casings, rusty barbed wire, bits of uniforms and bones.While reading The Poppy Wife, you can almost see the sides of the road littered with soldiers discarded belongings as they march towards the front and feel how nervous they are while waiting in the trenches for the whistle to blow and it s their turn to go over the top The Poppy Wife, is a intriguing, beautifully written and a very emotional book to read.Opinions expressed in this review are my own, I gave The Poppy Wife five big stars and it s one of the best historical fiction WW I books I have read.I have shared my review on Goodreads, NetGalley, Edelweiss, Twitter and my blog.https

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    Poignant, insightful, and profoundly moving The Poppy Wife is predominantly set in the French countryside during 1921, as well as 1917, and is told from two different perspectives Edie, a young British wife who after receiving a picture of her missing husband journeys to France to find him, dead or alive, and discover his fate wherever he may be, and Harry, the youngest of three brothers who endeavours to help his sister in law and others find some form of closure even while his own experiences and memories of war still plague and haunt him day and night.The prose is poetic, expressive, and stunningly vivid The characters are damaged, determined, and courageous And the plot is a heartrending, utterly absorbing tale about life, love, loneliness, familial relationships, heartbreak, war, loss, grief, guilt, hope, loyalty, and survival.Overall, The Poppy Wife is a beautifully written, exceptionally atmospheric novel that transports you to another time and place and immerses you so thoroughly into the personalities, feelings, and lives of the characters you can t help but be affected It is without a doubt one of my favourite novels of the year that reminds us of the horrific consequences of war and the thousands of nameless men who still remain scattered underneath a savage battlefield It s emotive, powerful and as Kipling so iconically stated, lest we forget Thank you to HarperCollins Canada for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    A beautifully written and very sad tale that moves between 1916 1917 on the front line during the First World War and 1921, when Harry returns to France to photograph war graves and battle scenes for the mourning relatives at home He s also on the hunt for his brother Francis, lost in 1917 and presumed dead but without a known grave Francis s wife Edie is also in France searching for the truth But it s the people they both meet on their quests that make this novel so special, many of whom have both physical and mental scars from the war, and all trying to remember or forget in their own way It s desperately moving, so much so I did distance myself from it a little, but its beauty cannot be denied Review to follow shortly on For Winter Nights.

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    This is such a powerful and heartbreaking story of the families back in Britain, after WW1 has ended, still living in hope that their missing loved ones may still be alive The year is 1921, Edie has made a pilgrimage to France searching for her missing, presumed dead, husband Francis after receiving a photo of him in the post His brother Harry had been the last one to see him alive Badly wounded he had left him to be taken care of, although he said he was sure he would die All trace had been lost of him then.Harry and Edie run into each other in France, Harry is employed by families to take photographs of loved one s graves that have been killed in the war Harry needs to find out too if his brother is alive to make amends with him about something in the past if he is.The story drops back to both before the war and during it and the effect on families and loved ones How it changed people and relationships It is a beautifully written story but brutal in its honesty too I felt a sadness so deep in certain chapters and all I could think was this is how it must have been for so many It is a tremendous achievement for an author to make a reader feel such grief My connection to the characters was just so intense.If Francis is still alive what could the reason be that he hasn t gone home As the chapters get closer to the end my heart pounded so much A very touching story.I wish to thank NetGalley and the publisher for an e copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.

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    I don t even know where to begin with my thoughts on this book other than that I adored every single blooming page I found it to be such a stunning read that really captured the atmosphere of the time, the grief shared by so many and the limbo that many families were left feeling after the First World War when their loved ones were missing in action At a time when many were celebrating the War being over, many were left with so many unanswered questions with no word on the missing soldiers and they were left clutching to the faint hope that these men were in a French hospital, unable to get in contact with those back home.It s a story of brotherhood and the bonds between loved ones with 3 brothers going off to fight in the Great War Francis, Harry and Will and the desperate search for Francis after the war by his brother Harry and Francis s wife Edie who was desperate to know what happened to him even so when she receives an envelope containing a photograph of him, 4 years after he d gone missing When was it taken Where was it taken Who was it from Was he still alive Harry becomes a photographer of the lost on his return, which means he goes back to France often to take photos of gravestones for those back home who want a picture of the final resting place for their loved ones and the surrounding areas while there he devotes much of his time to trying to track down the likely places his brother may have gone, and also meets others doing similar searches for their family members.The story changes effortlessly from the time in France after the War, to the past when the brothers were setting off to war together their experiences on the front line, their fears, the banter they used to lighten the mood they were just young boys and you just can t even begin to imagine the sights they were witness to Edie too sets off to France to try her best to get some answers for herself, and her storyline also looks back on how she and Francis met and how close they all were she can t move on until she knows the truth about her husband.This was often a very sombre and haunting read, but so beautifully descriptive and made you totally understand just how lost people were when they didn t know what had happened to those who didn t come back home they felt restless until they knew and would cling on to the hope that they d turn up on the doorstep one day It brilliantly showed the human aspect of war on those who went to fight and on those who were left behind waiting for letters and contact.An outstanding and memorable book Easily one of my favourite reads of 2019

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    I was immediately hooked by the prologue of this one which you can read on my blog if you are interested The writing flows absolutely beautifully and I was completely swept away in the story The setting was conjured so effortlessly I could picture every desolate French field and every detail in Edie s Lancashire home.The author made me feel for every single character in this book, even those we only meet in passing I totally felt like I was on this journey with them And wow, was it an emotional one This book will seriously make you feel things.The book moves seamlessly between past and present, and between Harry and Edie s perspectives I loved the chapters detailing the brothers time at war these chapters felt so raw and visceral, and I couldn t get enough I definitely recommend this one for fans of historical fiction Read the prologue on my blog The Paperback Piano

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    I am really glad I read this book It is thoroughly haunting and so beautifully written It spends a lot of time considering what life was like for those left behind at the end of war and it really made me think quite deeply about those left at the end of the war, what they went through and had to come to terms with in order to just exist.The story looks at two characters in particular the first being Harry a soldier who survived that war and now makes his money going over the battle sites to photograph sites of special interest or graves for loved ones back home He story is such a sad one because even though he survived the war he isn t really living and spends his time feeling guilty at having survived and surrounded by constant reminders of what he went through whilst he goes about his working literally visiting sites he fought at There was something so real and sad about his story that really touched me because his story could be any of those men who signed up for WWI not really knowing what they let themselves in for.The other main character was Edie, Harry s sister in law who is still searching for her husband several years after the end of 1918 having never had confirmation about what really happened to her husband Her story was so incredibly sad as she leads this life in limbo unable to move forward without knowing the truth about what has happened and resigned to a life again wandering the sites in Flanders trying to find some answers Once again her experience so easily could have been the experience of so many other women at the time.This books also does really justice to the World War One Battlefield sites The way in which is talks about the sites around Ypres helps the reader really start to get a sense of their vastness but importantly the utter devastation the experience of war left behind for the people of Belgium and France and the impact this continued to have long after armistice day This certainly isn t something we talk enough about in the UK because most of the fighting didn t happen on our doorstep.All in all a brilliant book which I know will stay with me for a long time to come.

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    When I think about the period between the wars, I tend to think of Bright Young Things, cocktails and jazz, Bertie Wooster, Jarrow and depression, The Remains of the Day, people moving on in every way from the WW1, in hemlines and music and food and social s Golden Age crime and glamorous rail travel, cucumber sandwiches and red lipstick I don t think about what it must have been like picking up the pieces after four years of devastation At least, I hadn t until I read The Photographer of the Lost, sent to me as an ARC by the publishers.There is nothing glamorous in this world of broken men and searching widows It s a world of iron filled battlefields, graves and debris, of villages and towns turned to rubble, shanty towns sprouting in the midst as villagers try and rebuild, dusty boarding houses with paper thin walls and peeling paint, filled with the first of the battle ground tourists, some already consumed by curiosity, others just consumed Harry joined up in 2016 along with his two brothers The sole survivor he now travels northern France and Belgium, taking photographs of graves and battle sights to send to bereaved families, enabling them to have closure in a time before mass travel made the pilgrimage possible to all Part pilgrim, part chronicler, he still has nightmares of his own time in the trenches he travels Meanwhile his sister in law, Edie, has become convinced her missing husband Francis is still alive and charges Harry to find either his grave or find him, impatiently journeying to Ypres herself on a quest to find out what happened to the golden haired boy she loved and how he turned into the dead eyed man she lost The Photographer of the Lost is an extraordinary odyssey through broken lands and broken lives as memorials are erected in bereaved villages and photographs displayed in bereaved houses Set in both 1921 and during 1916 1917 we experience the truth of Harry s war and the truth of his atonement as he struggles to come to terms with his brothers deaths and his own survival Taut, elegant and evocative, it s a haunting look at grief and the very human need for closure Highly recommended.

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    Harry, Will and Francis are 3 brothers who have all joined up for World War 1 and we follow them through their experiences Edie is married to Francis and is told that he is missing in action When she received a photograph of Francis through the post with no other details, she wonders if he is still alive and decides to go to France to look for him Harry is the only survivor of the brothers and has become a photographer since the war ended, he goes to France to photograph graves for grieving loved ones When he finds out about the photograph, he too joins in the search and tries to keep his true feelings for Edie secret The writer has written a descriptive and vivid book, which is also beautifully written and very moving When the brothers were in the trenches, you could feel their fear and the tension that would have been experienced by them The writer has also written how Harry is struggling after the war with his nightmares and shakes, all things we now know to be PTSD, which so many soldiers would have experienced at that time I would highly recommend this book Thank you to NetGalley and Simon and Schuster UK for a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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    would like to thank netgalley and the publisher for letting me read this haunting bookworld war one and the aftermath.a poignant tale of life after the war and how many wives and families embarked on a journey to find their husband gravesharry was a soldier in that war along with his brothers, harry longed to be an artist but after the war he became a photographer of the lostbringing he hoped release to families by sending them photos of the graves of the heroes he was requested to findalong the way he relived his memories of his time served in the warhe also is trying to find out what happened to his eldest brotheredie has received a photo of her husband, harrys brother and believe him to be alive but lostthis is also the story of the journey they both take to find hima poignant story that does not glorify war in any way but it leaves a mark, as it should

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