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[Epub] ↠ Defending Harlow (Mountain Mercenaries #4) Author Susan Stoker –

Defending Harlow (Mountain Mercenaries #4) Danger Rises And Love Is Threatened In New York Times Bestselling Author Susan Stoker S Fourth Book Of The Mountain Mercenaries Series Lowell Black Lockard, Former Navy SEAL, Has Watched His Fellow Mountain Mercenaries Settle Down With The Women Of Their Dreams, But He S Convinced He Doesn T Need Love Then He Gets A Call From Harlow Reese A Chef At A Local Women S Shelter And Begins To Reconsider His Decision.After Being Continually Harassed By A Local Band Of Punks, Harlow Asks Lowell To Give The Women Of The Shelter Lessons In Self Defense She Doesn T Expect Him To Take Such A Special Interest In Her Safety, But He Insists On Escorting Her To And From Work, Never Taking No For An Answer Not That Harlow Minds The Personal Touch Especially When It S Coming From Her Former Teenage Crush.Despite Her Long History Of Bad Dating Luck, Seeing Black Again Makes Harlow Rethink Her Self Imposed Celibacy Easy On The Eyes And Hard To Forget, The Man Has Morphed Into An Alpha Stud And Harlow May Be Exactly The Type Of Woman Black Is Looking For Making Her Feel Safe Isn T Only A Duty It S A Pleasure But The Threats Are Escalating The Motives Are A Mystery And As The Danger Burns Almost As Hot As Their Passion, There S Much At Risk Than Their Hearts.

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    Mountain Mercenaries is becoming a new favorite series of mine I love these men and how protective they are The main goal as the Mountain Mercenaries is to help women and children who are being abused The first three books were about the heroine being one of those abused women In Defending Harlow, the author switched things up a bit and the heroine is not a mission they go on However, she does ask for their help with some punks harassing the women and kids at the shelter she works at.Harlow and Lowell Black have known each other since high school but they haven t seen each other since The instant attraction is mutual but Harlow has a had a string of some very, bad luck dates and she s over it Due to this we got to see Black get creative in dating Harlow without Harlow realizing they were dating I really enjo...

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    NOW LIVE US UKI am absolutely loving this series and these characters I can t say that this was the most mysterious book from this series since I knew what was going on pretty much right away But it was still intriguing a...

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    It s LIVE Second chance love story with a protective Alpha and of course a bad guy thrown in for good measure.Defending Harlow CA UK AU DE FR

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    Check out all of my reviews at HARLOW Mountain Mercenaries Book 4 by Susan Stoker is a romantic suspense that has the men of Mountain Mercenaries working a case in their own hometown When a women s and children s shelter is threatened, these dedicated men work to discover who is responsible and why All of the books in this series can be read as standalones, but there is character crossover in this book than in the previous books.Ex Navy SEAL Lowell Black Lockard has watched his teammates find their forever matches one by one and even though he is not ready for forever, he would like to find someone to share his time with When Black shows up for his turn to teach self defense at the women s shelter, he is surprised to see that the new chef is an acquaintance from high school Harlow is a beautiful person, inside and out, and Black wants to see of her, but Harlow does not date.Harlow Reese loves her job and all of the women and children in the shelter She is surprised when the boy she had a crush on in high school walks in to teach self defense to the women Recently a group of young thugs has started harassing the women and children and Harlow asks Black for his help With Harlow s No Dating rule, Black has to find a way to do things with Harlow without calling it a date He starts by being available at all times to keep her safe and he begins to find that Harlow means to him than he planned The threats escalate and Black pul...

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    4 Not Dating Stars Spoiler FreeSusan Stoker has put together a series which has all the alpha males you could want In Defending Harlow, Mountain Mercenaries 4 , we continue the lives of these men who had dedicated their lives to protect and save those weaker than them This group is guided by the leader none have physically met, yet respect and allow to direct their efforts in saving women and children when necessary Through many of these missions, these men have met and fallen for the women they saved Lowell Black has watched and felt the twinge of what if when he thinks about his own life He never was a relationship guy and knows he is too dark or bad for that to actually happenbut he also can t help feeling like something might be missing Lowell goes the women s shelter to assist with self defense lessons the guys give and he was surprised to see a blast from his past high school days When he was a senior back where he lived, he remembered another younger student being in the yearbook class they had Harlow was smart, fun, a little clumsy and cute Now she was all grown up, mid thirties and was the new chef for the shelter Hellos were made with a brief catch ...

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    Defending Harlow by Susan Stoker is 4 in the Mountain Mercenaries Series This is the story of Harlow Reese and Lowell Black Lockard I have read the previous books and Loved them but feel you can make this a standalone book if you wish to do so.Lowell is feeling a touch of envy when his fellow Mountain Mercenaries are find their women When a call comes in asking them to help train women to defend themselves at the shelter he goes forward to help What Lowell finds is Harlow a women who attended his high school back in the day When he start asking questions he learns she is single and the spark for her just gets bigger Harlow is done with the dating world after having so many frogs i...

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    Protecting the chef The MM team had a new mission when Harlow reached out to Lowell the shelter she worked at was under attack The harassment was relentless and she, and the ladies who lived there, didn t feel safe any Enter Lowell and his bad ass team of saviors Susan Stoker is a queen of military romance Her band of ex military mercenaries are strong, smart and ready to help when Harlow filled them in on what was happening Lowell jumped right into the thick of things, putting himself physically in front of the pretty chef who had caught his eye Harlow soon made herself his top priority even as he faced a lot of resistance Not only did the mysterious threats to the shelter play havoc with his agenda but so did Harlow s no dating rule If why Harlow stopped dating had me in stitches read her dating nightmare stories and not laugh, I know I couldn t do it her insistence that there would never be a relationship between them, had Lowell i...

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    I read ARCs of the other books in this series and I loved the first three books a lot, so I was excited when I heard about this book releasing I then received an ARC and made it my next read because the synopsis sounded amazing After reading this book, I can say that I loved it a lot The plot had me hooked right from the first chapter and I had a hard time putting it down This meant that this book only took me a few sittings to read The plot had plenty of romance in it and the romance allowed for some very sweet and hot scenes There was some action and suspense too, which added a lot to the plot There wasn t as much action and suspense as there have been in other books in this series, but there were a few heart stopping moments The characters were also amazing and made this book even better Harlow was the main female character, and I can t remember if she made appearance in the third book in this series, but I think she did I loved Harlow in this book She was very sweet and it was easy to see how much she cared about the women and ch...

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    DNFBoring as hellTried for 2 days

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    Believe in loveLowell and Harlow each had a hard time thinking they would find someone to settle down with It was great watching them fall This is a slow burn with lots of suspense.

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