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[PDF / Epub] ⚣ His Hideous Heart ✈ Dahlia Adler –

His Hideous Heart Thirteen Of YA S Most Celebrated Names Reimagine Edgar Allan Poe S Most Surprising, Unsettling, And Popular Tales For A New GenerationEdgar Allan Poe May Be A Hundred And Fifty Years Beyond This World, But The Themes Of His Beloved Works Have Much In Common With Modern Young Adult Fiction Whether The Stories Are Familiar To Readers Or Discovered For The First Time, Readers Will Revel In Edgar Allan Poe S Classic Tales, And How They Ve Been Brought To Life In Unique And Unforgettable WaysContributors Include Kendare Blake Reimagining Metzengerstein , Rin Chupeco The Murders In The Rue Morge , Lamar Giles The Oval Portrait , Tessa Gratton Annabel Lee , Tiffany D Jackson The Cask Of Amontillado , Stephanie Kuehn The Tell Tale Heart , Emily Lloyd Jones The Purloined Letter , Hillary Monahan The Masque Of The Red Death , Marieke Nijkamp Hop Frog , Caleb Roehrig The Pit And The Pendulum , And Fran Wilde The Fall Of The House Of Usher

[PDF / Epub] ⚣ His Hideous Heart  ✈ Dahlia Adler –
  • Hardcover
  • 480 pages
  • His Hideous Heart
  • Dahlia Adler
  • English
  • 13 November 2019
  • 9781250302779

    10 thoughts on “[PDF / Epub] ⚣ His Hideous Heart ✈ Dahlia Adler –

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    Oh my god EAP retellings Do you guys even know how much I love Edgar Allan Poe screaming intensifies

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    You had me at Rin Chupeco and Kendare Blake reimagining Edgar Allan Poe, but then I read the rest of the contributors and almost fainted This is going to be the best anthology ever What a blessing.

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    hope someone retells the Cask of Amontillado and brings back the meme

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    I m so excited at how soon this book will be out in the world, and thank you to everyone who s looking forward to it It is, of course, on the horror side, so, CWs below in the spoiler tags, but, uh, assume a lot of death murder revenge I m not gonna put those tags in because it s basically every story Please note that these are intentional facets of the stories in which they appear YMMV on how you receive that, but you aren t going to find these things checked on the page, onlydealt with, shall we say Animal death view spoiler She Rode in on a Horse of Fire by Kendare Blake hide spoiler

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    What an impressive anthology I loved almost all of the 13 stories They are exactly as advertised, in the best way I can t wait to write this review, but I m on the blog tour so I ll post on September 5 Original notes Ahhhh So thrilled to be a part of the blog tour for His Hideous Heart Stay tuned for my review on September 5 This is one of my most anticipated releases for 2019 so I am HYPED Thank you so much to Flatiron Books for an ARC of this title in exchange for an honest review.

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    I received this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I also won this in a Goodreads giveaway, so thanks to Flatiron for this 3.8 5I heard about this book ages ago and immediately needed it I just didn t expect to 1 get approved through Netgalley and 2 win a Goodreads giveaway I haven t won a giveaway on there since 2017 Been ages.Overall, I was very impressed by this collection I m not a huge short story person, but I love Poe He s a very good author, even if I don t enjoy every story of his What I loved about this collection across the stories were the diversity in them and the unique twists that they took I won t lie, I m a pretty big purist with retellings I like them to be like the originals than not So, in this collection, the ones that were out there, weren t rated as highly just because that s my general bias with retellings.One thing I d like to see in this is the retelling and original next to each other The layout for this and, I m pretty sure the finished copy is that one section of the book has the retellings while the other section has Poe s original tales I really should have reread the stories first as a comparison Luckily, I was familiar with most of the stories for better or worse that it didn t impact my reading that much.So, all that aside, let s get to the individual reviews She Rode a Horse of Fire by Kendare Blake Based on Metzengerstein CW death and death by fireWhat really stood out to me in this was that Blake captured Poe s voice She toyed with horror and insanity and if these things meet brilliantly, just like he did A girl, a servant, is obsessed with the new master of the house And she kinda does some crazy things for him I wasn t familiar with the original story, but I really thought Blake wrote a great opener for this collection 4 5 It s Carnival by Tiffany D Jackson Based on The Cask of Amontillado CW gatekeeping in communities, unwanted sexual advances, and deathThis is definitely one of my favorite Poe stories, so I m very familiar with this story However, unlike the original story a man who doesn t like some other guy because of a vague slight and decides to kill him I really connected with the MC I loved how Jackson took this story and made the slight solid A woman of color deciding to get back at a man who makes a few unwanted sexual advances in the story and tries to tell her she doesn t belong because she s in the diaspora of this culture Personally, I don t really blame the MC for her actions 4.5 5 Night Tide by Tessa Gratton Based on Annabel Lee CW homophobia, grief, and past deathI had constant chills while reading this one Gratton was AMAZING with this retelling although I expected nothing less from her I really felt like she captured grief and loss in this story It s a vaguely historical F F retelling of one of Poe s famous poems I loved how she turned the story into a queer romance set in a time that denied queerness and gay relationships It was just a spot on story and amazing on its own 5 5 The Glittering Death by Caleb Roehrig Based on The Pit and the Pendulum CW serial killer, religious based killings, and deathSomehow, somehow, Roehrig took my least favorite Poe story independent of his detective stories and turned it into my favorite story in this whole book Not kidding you It was amazing Roehrig turned the story from the Inquisition to a serial killer, the Judge, who is operating in this town, kidnapping and killing young women based on the sins that he believes that they have committed It was totally right up my horror alley and I was utterly enthralled by it 5 5 A Drop of Stolen Ink by Emily Lloyd Jones Based on The Purloined Letter CW death and theftOkay, this is one of those that missed I don t like the original stories since this is one of Poe s mystery one and I just wanted It s a vaguely sci fi story The MC, Augusta Pine, has lost her true identity and is trying to get it back If she completes this mission finding a stolen tattoo she s going to get that information back It s a great premise, but it didn t feel fully fleshed out for me I just was there wanting from the plot and characters, even if this kind of ends in a queer by queer, I mean gay way 3 5 Happy Days, Sweetheart by Stephanie Kuehn Based on The Tell Tale Heart CW death and murderIt took a while for me to see the direction of this story That s not completely a bad thing, of course Again, I really loved that Kuehn took a minority take with this one A young woman who s in a small, New England high school trying to win against this one boy She s a woman of color and this white boy keeps getting things that she feels she deserves after working her hardest to achieve them Yet the school keeps giving him these things class president, first chair viola, etc Somehow she decides to get him back I rated this lower initially, but I couldn t stop thinking about the ending in a good way that I bumped it up 4 5 The Raven Remix by amanda lovelace Based on The Raven CW noneThis is my least favorite in the whole collection I know why, too It s because I m not a fan of the medium that it s told through And that is poetry, but, specifically, that blocked poetry that has the original poem but blacks out everything but certain words Really, it didn t feel like a retelling, just condensing down the original poem 2.5 5 Changeling by Marieke Nijkamp Based on Hop Frog CW abuse, physical assault, and ableismThe fae changeling aspect of this story was my favorite part, but I wanted oomph from the whole story It alternates in time, told from the same perspective of a woman who was born disabled And shows how she was treated, then how she helps others like her Really, the story lacked the horror that I wanted it to have since the original one is freaky It just had a softer tone, even if I enjoyed some aspects 3 5 The Oval Filter by Lamar Giles Based on The Oval Portrait CW deathReally creepy one It took a bit to get to the story and it s way longer than the original one, but I enjoyed the angle that it took Instead of a portrait, it updated it to Instagram and all the filters that we use Along with having it all about an actual murder that recently took place in the story, a murder of someone that the MC really cared for It s another minority story with multiple POC characters But, like the other ones, I wanted a bit oomph to it 3.5 5 Red by Hillary Monahan Based on The Masque of the Red Death CW death and discriminationThis one was abstract than some of the others were I never felt very sure of the setting of the story something contemporary for us and a party but that was about it I liked the twist on how the author used the color red and that the metaphor went from TB to poverty Because poverty is a plague and an epidemic that hasn t been cured It really kept that creepy feel that made me wonder what was going to happen, but it fell a bit flat in the end 4 5 Lygia by Dahlia Adler Based on Ligeia CW death from cancerWhat really got to me with this one was how Adler captured grief and loss, but in a way that hit me than Gratton s story did It s another F F retelling The MC s girlfriend, Lygia, dies from cancer That cancer death just got to me Describing cancer as a greedy bitch is very, very true for those of you who have seen what it does That alone got 1 2 stars, but I wanted the story to be there It just didn t have that same power that the earlier stories did 4 5 The Fall of the Bank of Usher by Fran Wilde Based on The Fall of the House of Usher CW past death and general sense of dangerThis story follows twins who have been hired in some sci fi heist to take down a bank Except, the bank isn t all that it seems For me, the sci fi world was a stretch It felt too wild and I wanted the world explained It really could have been longer even stretched out into a whole story just for me to fully wrap my head around the world that I was entering I did like the ending, though But I wanted length to the story 3.5 5 The Murders in the Rue Apartelle, Boracay by Rin Chupeco Based on The Murders in the Rue Morgue CW transphobia and deathNow, this is the story that I heard everyone talking about A Filipinx LGBTQ story that features a transwoman in a loving or, at least, supportive relationship That was definitely my favorite part I loved that she was who she was and that it was almost a footnote basically, a part of who she is but there are interesting things about her in the story Other than that, it fell flat Like with the last story, it felt like the world was far too big for this short story It could have been longer to fully flesh things out for me 4 5

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    I am so excited to be part of this anthology And hopefully I will resist the urge to make Poe themed puns.

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    Originally posted on The Quirky Book Nerd I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review Once upon a midnight dreary,I received a review query,About this very quaint and curious volume of Poe s retold lore First off, I have to start by saying I was incredibly tempted to write this entire review as a poem in the style of The Raven but, unfortunately or perhaps fortunately , I think that far exceeds my creative writing talents.I know I am pointing out the obvious at this point, but this is a collection of thirteen YA authors contemporary retellings of some of Edgar Allan Poe s most famous works The authors have taken these chilling stories and reimagined them for a new generation of readers These modernized versions are hauntingly unique yet still retain much of Poe s signature tone and style while paying homage to the beloved originals Thrills and chills, love, heartbreak, and revenge can all be found within these pages, forming a collection that further immortalizes these classic tales.As a lover of all things dark and creepy, I immediately fell in love with Edgar Allan Poe s work when we first studied him back in middle school So when I heard about this collection, I absolutely had to give it a read and I was not disappointed As with any anthology with multiple authors, you re going to have some hits and some misses However, I found that the focus here on Poe retellings helped to unify the stories quite a lot than other short story collections I have read Each story possesses the vividly eerie, peculiar, longing, and vengeful qualities found in the originals and stays very faithful to Poe s visions for them.My favorite stories from the collection were Night Tide by Tessa GrattonLygia by Dahlia AdlerThe Oval Filter by Lamar GilesA Drop of Stolen Ink by Emily Lloyd JonesThe Glittering Death by Caleb RoehrigThe Fall of the Bank of Usher by Fran WildeNow, I ll go into some specifics about each of the individual stories and my thoughts on them.She Rode a Horse of Fire by Kendare Blake 3.5 5 Inspired by Metzengerstein In this story, we follow a girl who works in a mansion The young master of the estate, Friedrich Baron, loses his most recent girlfriend in a fire on his property It turns out that she was the daughter of another wealthy family who has a centuries long feud with Friedrich s Then, out of nowhere one day, a young woman appears and Friedrich begins to spend all his time with her And, somehow, this young woman has a striking resemblance to a figure in a mysterious tapestry found in the Baron estate Though it was an interesting story, it just felt like it needed something I would have liked a little clarity about who the characters are particularly the main character and what their relationships to each other were The way the story is told, it makes it seem necessary to have a few of those details Other than that, it is a splendid update of the original story very faithful to all the elements of the plot with a modern twist to them It s Carnival by Tiffany D Jackson 3 5 Inspired by The Cask of Amontillado In this story, a girl named Cindy plans to get her revenge on a man named Darrell using Brooklyn s West Indian Day Carnival to cover her tracks It is clear that Darrel has been harassing her and her family relentlessly for years, though not much detail is given The Cask of Amontillado is one of my favorite Poe tales and I felt that this was a pretty accurate depiction of the general idea of the story It unfolds in much the same way as the original and that holding back of details is similar to how Poe tells his version I think my only real issue was that I couldn t quite get into Jackson s writing style It just didn t click with me and I felt like there was a little something missing, but overall, it is an accurate retelling.Night Tide by Tessa Gratton 5 5 Inspired by Annabel Lee Gratton transforms this classic poem into a short story about lost lovers A young lady tells of a girl she loves who has tragically fallen ill and passed away The narrator mourns her Annabel Lee, reminisces of better times, and feels anger at the intolerant whispers of the locals in this beach town This was my favorite story in the whole collection I absolutely adored it It is both beautiful and utterly heartbreaking and is such a brilliant take on the original poem Gratton did an amazing job of capturing those feelings of loss and longing that emanate from Poe s writing A wholly unique and imaginative retelling The Glittering Death by Caleb Roehrig 4.25 5 Inspired by The Pit and the Pendulum In this story, a young girl is captured by an infamous serial killer named The Judge He is going to kill her because he believes she has committed many sins and he wants her to confess them before her time comes While trapped in a cage in his basement, she realizes she will have to determine how to beat him at his own game if she wants to get out alive This is just begging to be turned into a full length psychological thriller novel The one thing I felt it was lacking was a bit backstory for the main character There were a number of plot points, specifically about her relationships with a couple other characters, that were only vaguely touched on The fact that these plot points were brought up in the first place made some detail necessary in order to fully develop the story.A Drop of Stolen Ink by Emily Lloyd Jones 4.5 5 Inspired by The Purloined Letter In this story, society has reached a point where our entire identities are written in a tattoo on our bodies that can be scanned whenever our details are needed This makes it nearly impossible for a person s identity to be stolen However, that very thing has happened, and it is up to our main character to find the missing tattoo Classic mystery thriller style plot meets futuristic tech Sign me up I absolutely loved this story it was definitely my kind of thing Once again, this is another story that I would absolutely love seeing turned into a full novel Happy Days, Sweetheart by Stephanie Kuehn 2 5 Inspired by The Tell Tale Heart In this story, we follow a girl who is dealing with a lot of pressure from herself to be the best but is struggling with being a minority in her school She continuously loses out to a rich, white boy who does not put the same effort into things as she does As the end of senior year approaches, she will do anything to become valedictorian The Tell Tale Heart is another one of my favorite Poe stories However, I ended up not really liking this retelling I do think it was very accurate and featured many of the important plot elements from the original And, while I definitely understand the message Kuehn is trying to convey, I feel that this particular story is just not the right one to use in order to do that I wasn t entirely sure how to feel about this one.The Raven Remix by Amanda Lovelace N A Inspired by The Raven This is a blackout poetry version of The Raven one of my favorite poems of all time Essentially, Lovelace takes the original poem and blacks out portions of the text in order to reveal a new poem that she has created from Poe s words Unfortunately, there was an error here with the digital ARC and nothing was blacked out, so I cannot give a rating or review on this one However, I absolutely love Amanda Lovelace and her poetry is always so beautiful and creative I am certain I will enjoy reading this when the collection officially releases.Changeling by Marieke Nijkamp 4 5 Inspired by Hop Frog In this story, the children in society who are deemed crippled are either being treated unfairly or just left to fend for themselves There is a tale of the fae coming to gather these children and bring them to a better life that many of them are hopeful is true We follow a character who was once found and taken in by the fae and who now does the same for others while also aiding them if they wish to take revenge on those who have wronged them This one felt like a dark fairytale and I loved that It was definitely an interesting and unique take on the original story.The Oval Filter by Lamar Giles 5 5 Inspired by The Oval Portrait This is the story of a guy named Tariq whose girlfriend has recently been murdered Suddenly, she is haunting his Instagram feed, her constantly changing image in the oval profile picture helping lead Tariq to discover who has killed her I had not read The Oval Portrait prior to this but I ended up absolutely loving both versions Giles definitely captures the highly unsettling nature of the original work using our modern day portraits profile pictures The changing image in the oval filter is described so vividly and the way it is used is truly creepy Giles did a fantastic job of setting a clear and intense tone and atmosphere in a short amount of time.Red by Hillary Monahan 2 5 Inspired by The Masque of the Red Death Despite being familiar with and having studied The Masque of the Red Death, I was honestly quite confused by this story I couldn t really figure out what was happening We follow this mysterious girl with red hair and it is clear that she is some sort of otherworldly being out for revenge But that s about all I figured out There are many references to names used within the original story, such as the bar the girl ends up at having the same name and distinct internal color scheme as the home where the guests are hiding from the plague in Poe s version The ending produces the same result as the original text However, I could not figure out why anything was happening or anything about the girl and what exactly she is I do have to give Monahan credit for making such a fascinatingly atmosphere setting, though.Lygia by Dahlia Adler 5 5 Inspired by Ligeia In this story, our main character loses the girl she is deeply in love with to cancer Then one day at school, she passes Lygia s locker only to see a new girl who is somewhat reminiscent of Lygia reminiscent enough that the narrator begins to do everything she can to make her the spitting image of Lygia This is exactly the type of story that I love and I desperately wish this was a full length novel And that ending I totally want to hear of this story I read the original Ligeia alongside this one as I had not read it before and felt that it was a very unique yet accurate retelling.The Fall of the Bank of Usher by Fran Wilde 4 5 Inspired by The Fall of the House of Usher Here, we follow twins who, together, are the hacker phenom Madrik They receive an email inviting them to a bank in need of their skills to test their new security system Once the twins arrive, however, it is clear that something much sinister is at play The sci fi hacker story nerd in me was very pleased with this one The only complaint I had was that I wish this had been longer There were so many fascinating pieces of technology I wanted details on, and I would have loved to hear of the twins backstory Nevertheless, I thought this was an absolutely brilliant modernization of the original tale Taking the creepy and inexplicable things that ensnare the house in the original story and transforming them into things like biotech and robotics was so great The Murders in the Rue Apartelle, Boracay by Rin Chupeco 3 5 Inspired by The Murders in the Rue Morgue In this story, we follow a transgender girl as she falls in love with a man who takes her on a wild journey She marvels at his attention to detail and remarkable powers of deduction After spending days together exploring the area, they find out that a double murder has taken place and they are swept up into the investigation This kind of had some Sherlock Holmes vibes, which I liked It was an interesting story, but I never felt like I was all that invested in it or the characters I think part of it was the writing style I have read and enjoyed Rin Chupeco s work in the past, but have also found her writing style a bit difficult to get in to It was a very faithful retelling of the original, however, with a neat, fantastical twist Overall, I had a really great time reading this I definitely very highly recommend giving this collection a go if you are a fan of Edgar Allan Poe or any of these wonderful YA authors

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    His Hideous Heart opens with the retellings and then ends on the original tales in the same order I will be reading the book out of order, so that I may read the original Poe story immediately followed by the retelling I m not familiar with that many Poe stories, and the ones I have read I read ages ago, and I want to appreciate the retellings with the knowledge of the source material, since it s all in this one volume I ll be updating the post with comments as I finish the new tales She Rode a Horse of Fire by Kendare BlakeInspired by Metzengerstein Reading the original story first helped here, because, while She Rode a Horse of Fire was rather boring, it s about ten times interesting than Metzengerstein It s a clear retelling, following the somewhat mysterious rivalry between two families, one that ends in death not a spoiler because Poe It s interesting that Blake turns the horse into a girl car combo in her retelling, though I m not exactly sure what I make of that It s Carnival by Tiffany D JacksonInspired by The Cask of AmontilladoOnce again, the new tale is a very clear and close retelling of the original story, though with some interesting stylistic changes The original tale features a man who feels has regularly suffered insults at the hands of another man and who decides to lure that man into a cellar promising to let him sample a special wine only to brick him into the cellar It s a tale made all the creepy by the way it s not specified what the insults actually involved Somehow, despite Jackson actually including some justification for why the heroine has been driven to this action, the modernization is actually much horrifying She seems completely without qualm and, in a modern environment, this seems a much riskier move It s not my sort of story, but I do think it s both effective as a retelling and fascinating Plus, it ups the creep factor, which I suspect was a goal Night Tide by Tessa GrattonInspired by Annabel Lee Poe s poem is lovely and sad, evocative and dark Gratton s version, while making the story f f, lacks the mystery and romance of Poe s work This story really didn t work for me at all The storytelling is staccato, told in camera flashes, with page breaks frequent, generally with at least one per page for as long as the story goes There s development than there is in the poem, and it does some interesting things with mental illness, but tying that up with being a woman attracted to women somewhat confuses it for me Ultimately, this is not a writing style I m ever going to enjoy, but it does have some interest as a retelling of Annabel Lee The Glittering Death by Caleb RoehrigInspired by The Pit and the Pendulum At this point in the collection, I m realizing that Edgar Allan Poe s works aren t really for me The Pit and the Pendulum is tedious, a much too long tale where a man is slowly tortured by the Spanish Inquisition Pages and pages of him exploring a pitch black space snores Poe very intentionally includes no detail beyond the space, but I m the sort of person who finds it all pointless without the why But, on the plus side, I enjoyed Roehrig s take on the tale There are substantial differences here, which helps a lot if you re a reader who prefers things less open ended Roehrig converts the tale to one of a girl taken by a serial killer known as The Judge It s a clever way of incorporating the inquisition elements and the horror of the small space while modernizing the concept I also like that the female heroine has agency than the man in the original story did and that she s not a pure innocent taken by the killer but a flawed person it s good to see horror not fall into the stereotypes A Drop of Stolen Ink by Emily Lloyd JonesInspired by The Purloined Letter Happy Days, Sweetheart by Stephanie KuehnInspired by The Tell Tale Heart The Raven Remix by amanda lovelaceInspired by The Raven Changeling by Marieke NijkampInspired by Hop Frog The Oval Filter by Lamar GilesInspired by The Oval Portrait Red by Hillary MonahanInspired by The Masque of the Red Death Lygia by Dahlia AdlerInspired by Ligeia The Fall of the Bank of Usher by Fran WildeInspired by The Fall of the House of Usher The Murders in the Rue Apartelle, Boracay by Rin ChupecoInspired by The Murders in the Rue Morgue

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