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[Read] ➲ The Story of Us Trilogy Boxed Set (Story of Us Trilogy, #1-3) ➮ Sydney Jamesson –

The Story of Us Trilogy Boxed Set (Story of Us Trilogy, #1-3) USA TODAY BESTSELLER Emotional, Explosive This Story Will Leave You Holding Your Breath In Anticipation An Exceptional Love Story I Am Definitely Hooked Hooker Heels Book Blog Unlike Anything I Ve Read Before Two Sides Of One Epic Story, An Alpha Playboy Who Likes To Play And A Supernatural Twist That Blew Me Away A Must Read Love Story With Heat, Angst And Suspense An Open Book Blog One Beautifully Put Together Love Story That Will Have You Trying To Turn The Pages Long After It S Finished The Steam Between These Characters Will Leave Your Kindle Sizzling Renee Entress S Book BlogCharismatic And Sexy Ayden Stone Is A Multi Talented Media Mogul By Day And Playboy By Night, Seducing And Discarding Women, Seeking Only Sexual Pleasure Until Fate Intervenes And He Meets Elizabeth Parker.Shy School Teacher Elizabeth Parker Isn T His Usual Type, But He Knows They Belong Together, And Will Move Heaven And Earth To Make It Happen When Two Worlds Collide There Will Be Sparks, But With Great Passion Comes Heartbreak, Threatening Their Relationship And Testing Its Limits Dangerous Figures From Their Past Return, And Will Stop At Nothing To Take Back What Belongs To Them.Ayden Stone And Elizabeth Parker Are Soul Mates They Look To The Future And Forever, Bearing The Scars Of Battles They Have Fought And Won, Together To Keep A Promise, One Of These Fateful Lovers Must Make An Agonising Choice And Dedicate Themselves To An Impossible Task To Embark Upon A Death Defying Adventure.The Story Of Us Trilogy Is An Epic Tale Of Love, Loss And Redemption It S A Modern Day Fairy Tale Full Of Passion, Unspeakable Secrets And Suspense An Extraordinary Love Story Filled With Magical Moments And Unimaginable Acts Of Personal Sacrifice.

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    Hooked from the StartA Modern Day Fairy Tale.Complete Brilliance I was captivated from the beginning It keeps you wanting I was totally blown away with everything about it I could not put it down It was unlike anything I have ever read before Two sides of one epic story, an alpha playboy who likes to play, and a supernatural twist that blew me away It is a must read romance with lots of heat, angst and suspense This story totally had me spell bound I laughed as well as cried thro...

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    TouchStone For Play I was given an ARC of this in return for an honest review and i have easily given it five stars for an amazing read that has kept me captivated because wowzers, what a read This story has been one heck of an emotional roller coaster right from the start, that has left my nerves feeling slightly frayed around the edges All the twists and turns left me wrecked at the end of each chapter, desperately wanting to find out what happens but too scared to turn the page.This exhilarating modern day fairy tale is brilliantly written, Sydney Jamesson is a a superb writer and i can t wait to read .TouchStone For Giving I was given an ARC of this by the author in exchange for an honest review.An easy 5 stars for an exceptional read Wow I didn t think anything could top TouchStone For Play but i was wrong The second book in the story of us is outstanding After the amazing cliffhanger in the second book, i couldn t wait to dive right into the next one It captivated me from the very first word and kept me there, until the last and once again it has taken me on an emotional roller coaster of a ride, as i followed the continuation of Ayden and Beth s love story and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout and even had me biting my nails in a few places There are lots of twi...

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    Just to show you how good this story was, i have to let you know I was in the middle of reading another book when I came across this seriesand i bought it the same day and started reading it and was hooked and utterly captivated from the get goNever looked back at that other book i was in the middle of. So for this seriesthe words that keep coming to mind to describe how it felt to me are graceful and elegant I m not even sure if thats how youd describe a book, but thats how it felt to me. Beth and Ayden were are perfect for each other, their connection was so strong that even me as the reader didnt understand what they were talking about sometimes, but thats okay because that just shows how bonded they are body and mind The romanticism, the love, the connection, the understanding, their past, tragedies, it all fit together and made sense as of the story was revealed. It was really interesting getting into the mind and pov of Dan Rizlerhe s kinda psycho and it s creepy but i think it adds perfect darkness into the book and it just makes you want to keep reading to find out if he ever does get to Beth again. It s weird, his protectiveness of Ernie and then his creepy fantasies toward Beth Now onto the third book, im still trying to figure out i...

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    My mind is so jumbled after reading this series I just don t know where to start I think that I felt every emotion possible while reading these books Mostly frustration.Beth was very needy and needed constant attention from Ayden I am not a fan of damsels in distress I mean, what could Ayden do to prove his love for Beth He had a past and was always very honest about his playboy ways She just couldn t let it go Ayden was not perfect and he had some pretty intense secrets but he loved Beth with everything that he had By the third book I was so wound up with everything that was happening that I could not wait to get to the end Honestly, I was confused than anything I am giving it 4 star...

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    I was so glad I bought this as a trilogy, I don t think I could of waited for each book This series is romantic, sexy, with fairy tale references , dark princes and Angels throughout all 3 books that you need to pay attention to At 75% in I couldn t believe what I was reading and had to reread a few pages, I wasn t sure if I was going to like the end but I could NOT put this book down I had to now how it was going to end These book are ...

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    I need counselling imagine the biggest book hangover, then transcend it to another plane It seems like a lifetime since TouchStone for giving left us on an almighty cliffhanger in November 2013, but nothing could have prepared me for the monumental emotions evoked when reading TouchStone for ever We all talk of fairytales and knights on white chargers, but TouchStone for ever is the epitome of everything you could possibly dream of, with a huge helping of the unpredictable, in keeping with the author s unique and daring style of writingTo say that this is epic is an understatement. the story is stunning, the symbolism is evocative and the music tugs on the heartstrings as you fall further in love with Ayden Beth. It can only be described as a magnificent conclusion to the only trilogy that made me cry, and I don t think even that does it justice I am so glad that addicts of pure literary romance now have the chance to buy the trilogy as a...

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    This was different but I liked it 1 Couple Ayden and Beth lived in the UK2 London 3 Paranormal elements4 Soul mates5 Travel to Rome, Hong Kong, and Great Barrier Reef island Australia 6 Lots of expensive wines and foods that I want to try 7 Both H h liked music and used songs to express their feelings for each other8 Psychotic stalker9 H h fell in love as kids a...

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    Epic love sagaI enjoyed this series, Ayden and Beth s love is an epic love The series came with many twists and turns, looking forward to reading the next books

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    The Story of Us Trilogy was a series I devoured Below is my individual review of each book As a whole, the story was original and fascinating The addition of song references and Shakespearean quotes added beauty and depth to the story.TouchStone For PlaySteaming hot, romantic, a fantasy of a love story that is sure to sweep you away That is the best way I can describe Sydney Jamesson s, TouchStone For Play, the first book in The Story of Us Trilogy.What is it that brings two souls together so immediately Love at first sight Chemistry A recognition of belonging Maybe all of those factors But love and life never is without complications Both Elizabeth and Ayden must come to terms with their own darkness and pasts they d like to forget The push and pull of this relationship is an interesting one, yet one thing is crystal clear their love is reciprocal, obsessive, permanent.In contrast to the beautiful and sensually provocative chapters between the lovers are the ones from Dan s point of view sexually twisted, dirty, perverted and violent Tension builds as he schemes to abduct Elizabeth as he had once before, this time hoping to take it to the next level and make her his sexual prisoner.TouchStone For Play leaves the reader with a bit of a cliffhanger and the foreboding assumption of what will soon come to pass I immediately started book two TouchStone For Giving, and you will want to as well Don t pass up this beautifully written story Especially if you have a passion for music...

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