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[Ebook] ↠ Twiceborn Endgame (The Proving #3) Author Marina Finlayson –

Twiceborn Endgame (The Proving #3) Half Human, Half Dragon, All Vengeance.No One Said Being Half Dragon Would Be Easy, But Kate O Connor S Life Has Gone Completely Off The Rails She Thought She D Won The Succession War Between The Daughters Of The Dragon Queen, Until A Shocking Betrayal Changed Everything.Now Seven New Sisters Have Joined The Fray, A Sinister Government Taskforce Is Gunning For Her, And The Japanese Queen Has Hit Town, Bent On Snatching The Throne For Herself Worst Of All, Her Beloved Son Has Been Abducted.The Shifter World Has Never Seen A Proving Like This One, But Then, There S Never Been A Dragon Quite Like Kate Before She Ll Need Her Human Ingenuity As Well As Her Dragon Magic To Save Her Son And Everyone She Holds Dear The Final Moves In The Deadly Endgame Take Her From Goblin Caves To Japanese Palaces As She Races Against The Clock To Snatch Victory From The Dragon Jaws Of Defeat.

    10 thoughts on “[Ebook] ↠ Twiceborn Endgame (The Proving #3) Author Marina Finlayson –

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    This was a busy, busy book, action packed and every time you think you know what is happening the author throws in another twist I had wondered how a satisfactory conclusion to the series could be reached in just one last book and the an...

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    This is the third part of the Proving Trilogy, and there were big reveals in the first two parts which it s difficult to avoid mentioning in this review If you haven t read them yet and don t want to spoil the surprise, don t read on.Werewolves are part of my unholy trinity along with vampires and zombies which I will NOT read about, no matter what Or so I thought But this is the series that made me love werewolves Who d a thunk it But then this is an unusual urban fantasy in many ways The main character, Kate, isn t a badass teenage girl snarking her way through life, and doing nothing but drool over the hot blokes She s the mother of a young boy, and heaven knows that makes a refreshing change Now, there s a certain amount of snark she s Australian, so that goes with the territory , and there s a little drooling too, it has to be said But Kate has her priorities sorted, and her son Lachie is at the top of the list.Kate spent the first book of the series working out what was going on, and trying to survive the Proving, a f...

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    Fantastic I couldn t put it down Loved the new twists and turns and all those familiar Sydney places A must read

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    Great story telling, loved the stories, great storylines, a little rushed at the end but not enough to expand it out to make another tale.Except for Ben, I felt his character was getting stronger then suddenly he can t cope He worked as a herald, he knew the society from the beginning and they type of beings he worked for with, surely he would have coped with the changes to Kate a little better He seemed to go from a supportive understanding man to a man who couldn t accept th...

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    Great twists and dragons I found the book to be well written and having become a dragon Kate embraced it with her own humanity and love for her son The plot was well devised and although gory at times it was in keeping I have enjoy...

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    Super endingI have really enjoyed this series The characters are compelling and the story kept me enthralled I highly recommend this trilogy.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this series, these characters, and this story I m just sorry it has ended.

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    Loved the twist did not see that coming.

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    Crown of gloryWhat an excellent series.How can a human become a dragon Read each book to find out how one human woman can cope and handle herself as half dragon.

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    Good end to a good series Looking forward to by this author

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