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[ PDF / Epub ] ☉ The First for Noelle Author Deanna Dee –

The First for Noelle In Her Sixteenth Year On Christmas, Noelle Wants A True Love.Noelle Peterson Is Sixteen And Never Been Kissed She Has Her Eye On Trey Sang, But She Can Barely Talk To Him, Never Mind Anything Else With A Little Help From Her Best Friend And Her Goofy Cousin, Can She Work Up The Nerve To Approach Trey Will This Christmas Bring The First Kiss For Noelle

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    This is the first book by Deanna Dee that I have read and it was a fun little short story The main character Noelle is waiting for her first kiss but she doesn t want that first kiss with just anyone she want s it with Trey Sang, the guy she has liked for a long time, the only problem is she cannot seem to talk to him without sounding like a complete mess but unknown to her Trey likes her and at a Christmas party at the church on Christmas Eve she finally manages to have a real conversation with him thanks to her best friend Mary being in the church choir and singing a song that has Noelle s name in it Noelle listens to Mary singing with Trey and she learns that she isn t the only one who gets teased because of the song.When the singing has finished a volunteer cook Starla who everyone believes to be a witch the story makes it sound like she is a witch too, gives Noelle an...

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    The original review can be found on As far as short stories go this was a great YA short story Just enough to get the reader hooked on the characters and want to know Noelle has her first real crush and can t seem to form a coherent sentence around him, instead she runs and hides from him Ah, the joys of being a t...

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    Cheers for Noelle Spending some time in Noelle s head was great fun Sweet and zany, she s in the crux of a major crush and everyone seems to be conspiring against her to make sure she keeps bumping into HIM What girl doe...

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    Very cute story, reminds me of a friend I had Even though it was a short story I felt like there was much of the story that wasn t told I really enjoyed the scene with the twelve day of Christmas with the cookies A few less references to the Harry Potter stories would have been ok...

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