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Read ➵ Java Frost (Cupids Coffeeshop, #1) Author Courtney Hunt –

Java Frost (Cupids Coffeeshop, #1) How Can Falling In Love Be So Much Fun Doctor Ben Brooks Knows About Curing Cancer Than He Does About Raising Kids He Spends All His Time In His Lab, Searching For A Cure, And Avoiding Contact With People Growing Up As A Child Prodigy, He S Never Been Good With Relationships, But Now He S Suddenly Responsible For His Young Daughter, Livvy At A Loss For How To Relate To The Solemn, Quiet Child, He Knows He Needs Help Fast.At Just Turned Thirty, Preschool Teacher Amy Lane Wants To Travel Over Her Summer Break Though She S Up For Any Adventure, She Needs A Part Time Job To Fund Her Wanderlust Unfortunately, Part Time Jobs Are Scarce In The Quaint And Charming Town Of Ashford Falls.When Ben Observes Livvy Interacting So Easily With Her Teacher During A Chance Encounter At The Coffeeshop, He Hires Miss Amy On The Spot To Teach Him How To Have Fun With His Daughter But When He Becomes Smitten With The Lively Teacher Who Brightens The Gray January Days, Will He Learn How To Have Fun And Fall In Love All At The Same Time Java Frost Is The First Book In The Heartwarming Cupid S Coffeeshop Series, Featuring An Entire Year Of Couples Finding Their Happily Ever Afters In The Quaint And Adorable Small Town Of Ashford Falls, Nestled In The Heart Of The Blue Ridge Mountains If You Enjoyed Gil Girls, Parenthood, Or Hart Of Dixie, You Ll Love Courtney Hunt S Charming Cupid S Coffeeshop Series, Filled To The Brim With Warmth, Humor, And A Dash Of The Unexpected.Step Into Cupid S Coffeeshop Where Happily Ever Afters Are Served Daily Treat Yourself To Java Frost Today Publisher S Note Java Frost Is A Romance Novella Approximately 67 Pages And Contains Some Mature Content Recommended For Readers Over 18.

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    Confused for a little whileWriting Courtney Hunt is a good writer The organization of the story could use some help The beginning should have been labeled prologue and the end epilogue Courtney introduced characters, got you to root for them and then plops a totally different story with different characters in front of you I soo wanted to ask the interlopers Characters Ben, Amy and 3 year old Livvy are the MCs sort of Amy is looking for adventure, Ben wants to make his daughter laugh By the way, whatever happened to Ruby Davis She completely disappeared.Storyline Frustration The book had an interesting opening I was digging the cousins and dead grandma premise I buckled up for an interesting angst filled bumpy ride But the next thing I know, not only did we jump ahead 3 months, but the story shifts to 3 completely different people After my disappointment and frustration receded, I began to enjoy the story between Ben, Amy and Livvy I thought the driving force of teaching play was ...

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    Java FrostCourtney HuntHoly cow JAVA FROST is the perfect way to start a series I just adored this story and can t wait to continue with the Cupid s Coffeeshop series Three heirs to their grandmothers estate have just learned that they will be spending a year running her coffee shop They are shocked and assume they will never be able to compete when there are Starbucks on every other corner Patrick, Zooey, and Joe s story is laugh out loud funny but the real story is about Amy and Ben.Ben has a daughter Livvy and Amy is Livvy s teacher Ben is an uptight doctor who pays Amy to teach him how to play He never had much of a childhood and can t seem to connect with his three year old Livvy loves her teacher and Amy is trying to save up some money to go to England in the summer So of course she accepts the job and the challenge JAVA FROST is ...

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    Java Frost Cupid s Coffeeshop 1 by Courtney Hunt A fairy tale ending wasn t in her future Preschool teacher Amy Lane s Prince Charming must have gotten lost along the way to quaint Ashford Falls Maybe she ll need to get out into the world to find him But to find love and adventure on her travels, she needs a part time job quick Life threw him for a loop Ben Brooks knows about curing cancer than he does about raising kids He spends all his time in his lab, searching for a cure, and avoiding contact with people Growing up as a child prodigy, he s never been good with relationships, but now he s suddenly responsible for his young daughter, Livvy At a loss for how to relate to the solemn, quiet child he knows he needs help and he needs it fast Until fate intervenes When Livvy and Ben meet Miss Amy in Cupid s Coffeeshop, she easily gets Livvy to giggle Hoping to learn her technique, Ben hires Amy to teach him to have fun with his daughter But when he falls hard for the lively woman who brightens the gr...

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    This lovely novella is as comforting and delightful as a warm mug of tea on a cloudy, brisk day I chose tea because I don t like coffee Despite that fact, this book made me want to visit Cupid s Coffeeshop in real life I d like to find a comfy chair in a cozy corner where I could snuggle in and get to know the likable characters that live in this charming town Since I can...

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    OMG This is a great start to a new series Set in a coffee shop the possibilities are endless for romances This one involves a preschool teacher and the father of one of her pupils It might be cold outside but Oh Baby it s hot inside A very sweet story but also very hot Can t wait to...

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    3.5 StarsNot much to say about this story, it was a sweet love story and I enjoyed it It is a novella so of course there was instalove I love the premise of this series featured around a coffee shop in a small town and I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

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    This was a cute story centered around a coffee shop in a small town There was insta love but it didn t bother me It was a cute story and I m excited to read the next one

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    This novella is the first in the Cupid Coffee Shop series It set the premise of the series an older lady dies and leaves all of her money to the animal shelter unless her 3 grandkids rehab her old coffee shop and get it open in 3 months and keep it open for a year So the grandkids Joey, Zooey and Patrick do that and I thought the story would be about them but it s not One of Zooey s friends, Amy a preschool teacher comes in as does one of her students Livvy and her Dad Ben Ben is not used to having custody of Livvy but her mom is gone they are separated so he has her for a month or so He is a very serious doctor and doesn t know how to play with his daughter, so he hires Amy to help him figure out how to relate to her Of course, they fall into bed within a couple weeks, he confesses his love and they agree to get married It al...

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    Although this is part of a boxed set I am reviewing each book as I read them I enjoyed this short book from the very first page The premise of the book is that siblings Zooey and Patrick and their cousin Joe have to run Cupid s Coffeeshop for a year or the money left by their grandmother goes to the local humane society All three million dollars of it This wouldn t be so bad, but the place is rundown, has no customers and they ve no idea how to run it While the development of characters isn t what I d like, since this was a short story it wasn t something I really can fault I really enjoyed the side characters of Amy and Ben who by the end of the story are fal...

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    I love the cover, I think it is perfect for cold winter and any cold rainy days So the book is a short story which will have other 11 next parts, which in my opinion actually should be as one quite a book, not the short single published story books..because, not knowing they are this short I was upset, while reading and by the time I was nearly over the book when it did not made any sense to me the story started in very detailed way about a family relatives that after their granny s death face a challenge to live work together, open a business and run it for 1 year. and then then the story would switch to two separate singles who would develop their...

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