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[Reading] ➶ Lycan Instinct (Lycan Packs 1) ➬ Brandi Broughton –

Lycan Instinct (Lycan Packs 1) When A Murderer Leaves A Trail Of Nude, High Profile Bodies Across Chicago, Detective Mackenzie Lyons Must Decide Whether To Trust Her Instincts About A Mysterious Philanthropist With Secrets He Ll Do Anything To Protect Rafael Stone Heads A Team Of Vigilante Shape Shifters Tasked To Stop Rogue Lycans From Harming People Or Revealing Lycan Existence, Even If That Means Breaking Human Laws.In Lycan Instinct, Mackenzie Takes A Twisted Journey To Catch A Killer That Evidence Indicates Might Be Rafael A Man Who Makes Her Pulse Race And Her Mind Question Where The Line Is Between Duty And Love, Truth And Myth.

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    LYCAN INSTINCT is the first book in a Shifter series from Cobblestone Press by Brandi Broughton, I will admit I was attracted to the book by the fact that there is a female detective and the shifters are people who are not on the up and up for the most part.The book starts off with another murder, in a city the size of Chicago that may sound like par for the course so to speak, but the detail of the murder is probably the thing that stands out it s also the thing that makes Detective Mackenzie Lyons on edge and desperate to find out which animal is causing all this chaos.With a partner who really is a cross between a five year old and a protective big brother, Mackenzie goes right to the top of the food chain when she learns that Rafael Stone is the head of an organisation that just do happen to deals with wolves Little does she know that Rafael is than just a businessman he is the shifter alpha of not only the local wolf pack but he is trying to hold a programme together that may mean the difference between life or death when any one of these wolves goes rouge.The first meeting goes better than either party expected and before long they are at each others throat Literally, but beneath all the snapping and growling there is an attraction between the two.For Ra...

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    Enjoyable read Good mix of mystery, paranormal aspect is of a backdrop which worked, likable believable characters, and ofcourse a bit romance and sex.After having read a strand of kinky books recently it was good a relief...

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    Sexy shifters and a tough as nails detective What needs to be said This is an awesome romance and a great suspense I can t wait for in this series.

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    This book was easily forgettable Even the sex scene s weren t worth the purchase I d like to write a longer review, but I ve already forgotten the entire plot.I can guarantee you that there are much better paranormal romance s for you to spend your money on out there.

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    I went into this book thinking I was going to get some brain candy in the form of werewolf smut Instead, I got a mystery detective novel with romance, happy surprise

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    This book was good It had a real plot, interesting characters and hot hot scenes What can a girl ask from an erotic romance

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