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[Read] ➻ The Demon Lover ➸ Victoria Holt –

The Demon LoverFree Delivery If Order Value From The Seller Is Greater Than 399 Used Book In Good Condition No Missing Torn Pages No Stains Note The Above Used Product Classification Has Been Solely Undertaken By The Seller Shall Neither Be Liable Nor Responsible For Any Used Product Classification Undertaken By The Seller A To Z Guarantee Not Applicable On Used Products.

[Read] ➻ The Demon Lover ➸ Victoria Holt –
  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • The Demon Lover
  • Victoria Holt
  • 14 October 2019
  • 9780006168256

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    It s not exactly a handsome face, is it Not exactly a kind face There s cruelty in it and all those unpleasant characteristics which alas you have discovered It s a portrait of you, Baron, not of Prince Charming Ah, you would have to get Bertrand to pose for that As this is to go to my fiancee, I think I shall call it The Demon Lover Do you think that appropriate Perhaps, I said as coolly as I could But you would know best about that The Demon Lover, by Victoria Holt.Victoria Holt s The Demon Lover is a true bodice ripper No holds barred The main male protagonist is a French aristocrat who identifies with his Viking ancestors and their habit of descending upon Normandy in the Middle Ages to rape, pillage, and plunder at will Ensconced in his Norman fortress like the King of his own kingdom, even though it is the late 19th century and the state of the French monarchy is wobbly at best, he decides, upon meeting our English heroine, a young, talented, and ambitious, miniature painter, that he will have her, at any cost Painting of Pontefract Castle, a structure built in the Norman style in the eleventh century, much like Centeville, the Baron s estate.There is no forced seduction here Force is all he employs towards his dastardly goal If you enjoyed unrepentant, arrogant, powerful, promiscuous, oppressive, charismatic, anti heroes like the ones in Christine Monson s Stormfire, Teresa Denys The Silver Devil, o...

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    Victoria Holt aka the amazing Eleanor Alice Burford mostly wrote gothic mysteries Her books usually have an intrepid heroine, a mysterious murder, and dark lover The heroine falls in love and solves the murder, usually in that order This book is a little different though Holt strays from her usual gothic formula into bodice ripper territory here, which made me do a happy dance You should have seen me while I was reading the first half I was grinning from ear to ear Other Holt fans weren t so happy though Yet what s funny is, all those one star reviews is what attracted me to the book in the first place The story is simple A young artist goes with her father to paint a wealthy, powerful and arrogant French Norman Baron He s rather attracted to her, but she dislikes him But later when her father goes home and she s working on another commission, he abducts her and does dastardly things to her I don t want to give too much away But I will say the build up and execution of the first two thirds of this book were so well done,...

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    I probably should have read this back when I was a teenage girl.

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    This is tough one for me to rate or describe First, it did not feel like Victoria Holt to me can t quite put my finger on why The tone was a bit different and it just didn t pull me in at first A lot of telling instead of showing to begin with And then I was shocked by the major incident in the first third of the book primarily because I assumed all her books were squeaky clean for the most part Although explicit details were left out it was thematically explicit I was so upset by what happened I almost threw this book aside And there were little details here and there to imply that the heroine almost enjoyed what happened to her just a tiny doubt here and there I found that repulsive I persevered though As the story progressed it became interesting Holt does weave a good story incorporating, art, war, mysterious deaths all cloaked in rich atmosphere As usual, the characters come to life and evolve I really enjoy her use of dialogue She reveals so much thro...

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    4.5 rounded up Victoria Holt absolutely owns me these days and this book is a clincher This one steps out of her usual mode and takes the path of the bodice ripper Hell, this guy just did away with the bodice altogether and made her stay naked for three days But I m getting ahead of myself This is a story about a talented artist who clandestinely fills in for her father who is losing his eyesight They travel together to do a painting of the Baron, pretending it s her father doing the work when it s actually her They go down this route because, as you know, vaginas negated all talent in those days They think they have the Baron hoodwinked but he s no fool But he thinks the heroine is a nice package so he lets her and her father get away with it and even helps launch her career A real progressive kind of guy, wouldn t you say cough Sure The H is an egomaniac baron who is getting ready to marry a princess However, he has this mistress problem and is trying to pawn her off on a cousin, but the h ruins the Baron s plans by being so delectable that the cousin wants to marry her instead The ...

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    Eta I had to go from 3 to 4 stars because I ve found myself rereading parts of this and it has really made an impression Still full of rage inducing wtf ery and not exactly romance.The writing was good engaging and I liked the heroine, but I never really bought that the Baron wanted her loved her I was really torn on the rating, because it did keep me reading and I loved the heroine spoilers Kate was engaged to the Baron s cousin, but the Baron had wanted the cousin to marry his ex mistress instead When the cousin tells the Baron he doesn t want his castoff, that s when he decides to abduct and rape Kate that way his naughty, defiant cousin will not be defying him after all, as Kate will then be one of his castoffs as well After he holds her captive for 3 days in his castle and rapes forcibly seduces her repeatedly, he just lets her go No goodbye, no f you very much, nada He not only lets her go, but he demands that his cousin go ahead and marry her as well Apparently, he doesn t care if another man has her I prefer my bodice ripper H s to be far possessive...

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    Gripping Story of a Tumultuous Love, a Bodice Ripper set in England and France in the late 1800sSet mostly in France in the late Victorian period, this tells the story of Kate Collison, of the famous fictional Collison family of brilliant painters of miniatures, each artist signing the portraits KC In each generation, the next son had taken up the art to astound patrons in England and in Europe Unfortunately, Kate s mother, the daughter of a duke, gave Kate s father, Kendal Collison, only a daughter But Kate was determined to become better than any son of the family who had gone before her.When her father develops cataracts and his ability to paint the fine strokes diminishes, she becomes his eyes Signing the portraits KC, as all in her family have, no one would know a woman had painted them A new commission arrives from a baron in Normandy who wants miniatures of himself and his fianc e, a princess So, Kate and her father travel to France intending to do the miniatures together At the baron s castle, before he arrives, Kate begins to fall in love with the baron s cousin Bertrand de Mortemer And then she meets the Baron, Rollo de Centeville, who by his own description is arrogant, overbearing, impatient and self willed And he was clever, soon figuring out that the miniature he comes to a...

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    I went searching for something along the same lines as The Silver Devil when I stumbled across this old gothic romance I thought what the heck I ll give it a try I finished it, but barely, and I ll explain why.Now like I said I went searching for this type of book with the alpha male who is ruthless and slightly sadistic so I didn t mind the beginning and what the Baron did to Kate so much as what I m sure some reviewers would have But I didn t like how things turned out for either of them I wanted the Baron to suffer , and to truly hate his actions, and to grovel It was obvious he didn t mean a word he said to Kate when apologizing to her for his mistreatment of her It drove me crazy I could tell just from his tone that he could care less that he hurt her, and was still only worried about achieving what he wanted which was Kate in his bed and his son in his life It was nauseating that Kate would every day say I must get away from him quickly and then do nothing at...

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    Rating 3 1 2 starsOh, Rollo, how much do I hate thee Let me count the waysIt s been a long time since I despised a character Rollo gets brownie points and pie for my hatred of him He is no hero The fact that he is Kate s love interest is disgusting and incomprehensible Ms Holt did a fantastic job of character development For him, at least.As for Kate, the way she was depicted, there is NO way she would have ever fallen in love with this scumbag She would have used him for his help, NEVER told him her plans, and vanished Sometimes Kate is written as stupid, foolishly honest when omission would be best overly trusting and far too naive Her strong will and gifts place her beyond the reach of a man like Rollo The ending spurts out like a flickering candle after the bonfire of revelation The revelation was dark It worked in all its insanity, gothic splendor and quagmire moors Old skool melodrama at its finest.The narrative voice of ...

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestVictoria Holt is the book equivalent of a bag of Bernie Bott s Every Flavor Beans On the one hand, you could find yourself with the crisp tartness of green apple, the sweet but satisfying blueberry, or the odd but intriguing black pepper On the other hand, you could just as easily find yourself with one of the earwax or vomit flavors And this book, THE DEMON LOVER, is definitely vomit flavored WARNING SPOILERS Kate Collison comes from a long line of artists, all of whom go by the initials KC when they sign their paintings Her father, Kendal Collison, is widely renowned, but slowly and tragically losing his sight due to cataracts that are forming in his eyes Since he has no son to carry out his work, his desire is that Kate follow in his footsteps, and what better way to start than to help him with his latest commission a set of wedding miniatures for a baron and a princess Kate and her father go to the baron s castle, and are greeted with some surprise because, good lord, a woman Their ruse is that Kate is helping her elderly father get around, because both of them know that a paining done by a woman carries the risk of stigma from sexist tradionalists So the baron sits for Kate s father while Kate watches and takes careful notes of his face so that she can complete the finer details of the miniature in the privacy of her chambers I liked t...

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