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[Read] ➺ The Stellae Within (The Stellae Series Book 3) ➶ C.A. Nole –

The Stellae Within (The Stellae Series Book 3) After Fighting With Spheria 1 For Than A Year, Diana Learns That She Is Pregnant She Hasn T Told Janus And Is Afraid That The Child Is Not Human But Rather Some Monster Created By The Virus Which Merged With Her Before She Destroyed The Stellae Sensing Diana Pushing Him Away, Janus Retreats To His Ship And Its Only Crew Member, Cassia, A Clone Who Only Wants Janus For Herself As Diana Commands Their Beleaguered Fleet Using Her Telepathic Powers, Janus Navigates His Ship In And Out Of Reality By Traveling Through A Dimension Called Dreamspace But What Cassia Does On The Ship While He Sleeps Is Only Known To Her When His Ship And Cassia Develop A Fatal Infection, Janus Races To Save Both But Worries That He Too Will Succumb To The Unknown Condition Will Diana And Janus Survive The Fierce War Long Enough To Learn What Mysteries Diana Carries Within

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