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[PDF / Epub] ❤ Love Lost (The Kurtherian Gambit, #3) ✅ Michael Anderle –

Love Lost (The Kurtherian Gambit, #3) When One Of Bethany Anne S Loved Ones Gets Caught In The Crossfire Between Her And The Forsaken, She Goes Rabid In Rage She Doesn T Believe In Seeking Peace And Harmony, But Rather Revenge And Mayhem Continuing The Story Of Bethany Anne And TQB Team, Love Lost Picks Up After Queen Bitch She Works To Complete Both Her Business And Military Team Leads And We Meet Stephen S Daughter Gabrielle As Plans Are Made To Exact Revenge South Of The Border You Don T Touch One Of Bethany Anne S Loved Ones And Get Away With It, No Matter How Far Away You Live Please Note, As Mentioned In Another Review, There Is Flagrantly Foul Language In This Novel The Main Character Does Not Have A Problem With Cussing, Just Uninspired Cussing Series Includes Death Becomes Her The Kurtherian Gambit 01 Queen Bitch The Kurtherian Gambit 02 Love Lost The Kurtherian Gambit 03 Bite This The Kurtherian Gambit 04 Dec 2015 Never Forsaken The Kurtherian Gambit 05 Dec Jan 2015 Under My Heel The Kurtherian Gambit 06 Jan Feb 2015 Kneel Or Die The Kurtherian Gambit 07 Feb Mar 2015

    10 thoughts on “[PDF / Epub] ❤ Love Lost (The Kurtherian Gambit, #3) ✅ Michael Anderle –

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    Bad A OMG now BA has gone and bought a luxurious yacht She got rid off the slime ball owner first All those wanting justice for the little guy will be celebrating today.In this episode we see BA and TQB exact revenge on her old bosses murderers They take on the leader in South America but BA doesn t go after the children who reach out to her.TQB bring onmembers to man ...

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    3 1 2 Stars Another fun, action packed read Not quite as great as the first two There was a lot of introducing of new characters and toys weapons, boats for The Queen Bitch Bethany Anne So it was sort of like a build up book of the series You know there is a ton of ac...

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    So, 3 in a series and still quite enjoyable to read This one had some dullness about buying ships and inculcatingteam members I didn t love, but on the whole this is very entertaining for me.

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    4.5 Stars

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    Addicting series Great Narration by Emily Beresford audible review Wow this is another great addition to this series It is so addicting I check everyday for a new release on audible They are coming out pretty fast but not as fast as I can listen LOLI love all the action, butt kicking and boy does Bethany Anne have a way with words So much fantastic dialogue throughout the entire book These stories are pure entertainment I love listening to the narrator s and author s commentary notes a Addicting series Great Narration by Emily Beresford audible review Wow this is another great addition to this series It ...

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    Gotta give it a chanceThis is the third book in this series and I am still loving them If your looking for a book with awesome characters, interesting problems, adventures then give this series a try You won t be disappointe...

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    2.75 Stars, I still liked it and it was better than the first book but falls a little short of the 2nd book I will continue with the series as it still has potential but I am starting to loose my enjoyment of this series.upd...

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    Ok I m in.This is kind of another version of John Conroe s Demon Accords, but with a female MC and some scifi thrown in.Again, this is Mary Sue goodness.

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    4,5 5

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    extra vampires

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