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!!> Epub ➥ Arthur Imperator (Forgotten Emperor #2) ➤ Author Paul Bannister –

Arthur Imperator (Forgotten Emperor #2) The Roman Fleet Has Been Defeated And The Threat Of Invasion Removed.Arthur Britannicus Has Taken The Throne As Imperator Emperor Of Britain.He Is A Symbol Of Hope, Uniting The Fractious Tribes Of Britain Who Have Been Oppressed And Mistreated For So Long.However, As The Threat From Rome Retreats, The Intimidation From Saxon Warlords Intensifies.Arthur Must Draw His Sword And Muster His Forces Again If He Is To Keep His Island Under British Rule.While Arthur Builds His Cavalry And Trains Up His Army, His Old Enemy, Maximian, Augustus Of The West, Plots His Downfall Seething Over Arthur S Execution Of His General, Constantius, Maximian Will Look To Take Arthur S Kingdom And His Life.War Again Seems Inevitable, Unlike Victory.Arthur Imperator Combines Myth With Historical Fact To Tell The Compelling Story Of The Rise Of A Legendary British Emperor.

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    So I clicked on I m finished but to be accurate, I m simply finished with Arthur Imperator, and this series as a whole My Kindle says I m 53% through and honestly, I ve lost the will to continue Again this was another free book through the Lending Library, and I was hopeful after reading Arthur Britannicus, the first in the series, that things would pick up for our hero, who really did have a pretty easy go of taking over Britain initially.And in fairness things are dire for Arthur in this second book, as he faces challenges from Picts, Saxons, Jutes and other barbarians, as well as Rome looking to reclaim its lost island The problem for me here is that I just wasn t convinced enough to care Technically speaking the book suffers, in my opinion, from the author s choice to switch from first to third person voice at regular intervals I don t like first person to begin with in my stories, and here Arthur appears to be recounting events as they happened from a period in the future But this is never made clear Sometimes he allud...

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    This is the version of the legendary King Arthur where he s at odds with the Roman Empire when he s not having to deal with Saxons, Jutes and Picts The story is told by Arthur in the first person and sometimes not and other characters in the third person I don t have a problem with different POV s but usually authors will separate the storytellers appropriately, like in different chapters Here the change can go abruptly from one paragraph to another I was constantly being pulled out of the story as I tried ...

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    The emphasis is on fiction than on historical and the author admits that he rearranges facts to tell a story This is the middle book of a trilogy so it s no surprise that Arthur is still alive at the end.Arthur is the narrator and the style is almost lyrical like a bard seated in a castle hall telling a tale to an audience.Mr Bannister includes enough tantal...

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    Enjoyed the premise Did not enjoy the repetitive explanations of this character being a Druid, etc Maybe once, near the beginning of the book, but not over and over, at least once a chapter if that particular character came up.

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    The author does a good job of weaving the historical fact and the fiction However, a large part of the book regurgitated the previous book and there is a lot of repeating and explaining past events.

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    Britons, Saxons, Celts, Picts, and Romans Throw in a Wizard and a Sorceress and you have a great story Can t wait to finish the Trilogy.

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    Yet again a victory Bannister has again GI end us a well written piece of British history wrapped in the garb of fiction.

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    Interesting series so far

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