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[PDF / Epub] ✈ When Shovels Break ☀ Michael J. Shank –

When Shovels Break This Is A True Story About John A Christian Man Who Is At The Brink Of Suicide Struggles, Discouragement, And John S Improper Expectations Of What God Was Supposed To Do For His Life Caused John To Leave His Faith And The Lord S Body, The Church John Went Back Into Every Form Of Sin Imaginable Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, Adultery, And Pornography Just As A Dog Returns To Its Vomit John S Shame And Guilt, His Failure To Provide For His Family, And The Loss Of All Hope That God Could Ever Forgive Him Brings John To A Terrifying Moment Holding A Shotgun To His Chin He Starts To Pull The Trigger Can God Forgive This Wretch Of A Man Is It Possible For John To Be Restored And To Be Able To Return To Jesus Christ This Raw, Gritty, True Story Grabs The Reader From Beginning To End It Is A Story About The Real Life Of A Discouraged Christian, And It Is A Story Of Hope, Love, And The Redemption Found Through The Grace Of God

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    The first book, Muscle and a Shovel, was the true story of Michael and Jonetta s conversion to Christianity as taught in the New Testament This one follows to illustrate a true story of a Christian who fell back into the world of sin It is a heartbreaking story of a man so deep in sin that he believes himself to be unforgivable And by the providence of God, he was once again saved from the brink of destruction A very moving story that is also filled with large amounts of Scripture an...

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    Extremely well written follow up to Muscle and a Shovel A must read for those struggling within the faith This book will challenge you

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