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!!> EPUB ✼ The Widows Tale ✷ Author Penelope Love –

The Widows Tale When The Lunar Army Advanced Into The Storm Mountains, Bringing Their Chaos Friends With Them, The Orlanthi Attacked Because Orlanth Hates Chaos.But The Lunars Won They Killed The King And Subjugated All Sartar All Except One High, Lonely Vale That Guards The Last Pass To Besieged Whitewall.Darlath Lar, Father Of Wyvern Child, Rune Lord Of Yanafal Tarnils, Is Just A Soldier Who Cares For His Troops And Loves The Empire.Talloran Snake Eyes, Orlanthi Wind Lord, Has Fought In Losing Battles Than Any Man Has A Right To, And Must Not Lose This One.The Two Men Will Meet In The Mountains.Only One Will Survive.Life Is Hard Death Is Certain Joy And Sorrow Come To Us All.

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