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Reading ➶ Festive Persuasion (Cotillion Christmas Traditions, #3) Author Charlene Roberts –

Festive Persuasion (Cotillion Christmas Traditions, #3)The Terrible Scandal Overshadowing His Family Has Left Lord Trevor Devastated Not Only Must He Fight Murder Allegations Alongside His Father, But He Must Relinquish Any Hope Of Pursuing Lady Sophia For Her Hand In Marriage.Lady Sophia Tolerates Persistent Visits From Lord Walter, Yet She Knows That Her Heart Belongs To Lord Trevor, Despite His Stubborn Honor To Stay Away.During The Christmas Season, It Is Revealed That Lord Trevor S Family Is Innocent And They Are Slowly Re Accepted By The Ton Now It Is Up To Lady Sophia To Show Lord Trevor Through Gentle Persuasion That Her Feelings For Him Have Not Changed, And Fight Off Lord Walter, Who Will Do Anything To Win Her Affections.

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    What happens when you are in love, and it is returned, but circumstances and false accusations require you to step away from that love Murder allegations have laid Lord Trevor s family low, standing beside his father to fight the suspicion, his family is shunned by society and worst of all, he must push his love, Lady Sophia away Sophia, for her part, does not believe the allegations, and won t let go of her hopes for a marriage to Trevor However, as an eligible and sought after woman, it would not do her reputation to turn away prospective suitors, even if she is not encouraging them So Lord William is pressing his suit, often in a near overbearing way, and Sophia is trying to maintain their relationship in a distant yet not encouraging manner When the smoke clears and the allegations are proven false, it is up to Sophia to encourage Trevor to resume their relationship, but with William in orbit that is easier said than done Sophia is clever and determined, using every advantage she can find to keep Trevor in her sights and encouraging his affections With a few twists and some simple honest and forthright declarations, this story has the happy ending that will not be denied With clever insertions that present the importance of societal acceptance in a way that is understandable to the modern eye, without forgetting the conventions of the time, Charlene ...

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