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[PDF] ↠ Massacre (The Horus Heresy Book, #2) Author Alan Bligh –

Massacre (The Horus Heresy Book, #2) Word Of Horus Treachery Escapes Isstvan III And Now The Legions Loyal To The Emperor Mobilise To Make Horus And Those Who Follow Account For Their Crimes However The Depth Of The Betrayal Is Yet To Be Revealed The Horus Heresy Book Two Massacre Is Lavishly Illustrated In Full Colour And Contains The Dark Deeds Leading Up To The Terrible Slaughter That Unfolded During The Isstvan V Dropsite Massacre Also Detailed Are The Histories Of The Four Legions That Took Part The Iron Hands, Salamanders, Night Lords And Word Bearers, And An Extensive Campaign System So You Can Play Out The Battles On The Tabletop This Book Also Contains Additional Entries For The Space Marine Legion Crusade Army List Presented In The Horus Heresy Book One Betrayal, As Well As Games Rules For The Primarchs Of The Four Newly Described Legions, Super Heavy Vehicles And Special Characters Featured In The Story.

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    Absolutely amazing This sourcebook for Horus Heresy the Massacre at Isstavan is not only full of information and detailed maps and charts, but it has gorgeous illustrations as well.The rest if for nerds only Normal people carry on Alone, an Astartes is a formidable foe as far beyond a man as a wolf is beyond sheep Together, bound by ties of unshakeable loyalty, a Legion is a force that can extinguish stars and shake the very heavens Lorgar AurelianPrimarch, Word BearersLegio XVIIThe Horus Heresy has begun, but the Emperor s Loyalist forces are unaware Horus Lupercal, Primarch of the Sons of Horus and Warmaster to the entire Imperial military, has fallen to the Warp and now serves the Dark Gods Horus begins to sound out other Primarchs in an attempt to further the corruption Those who do not seem likely to turn, he sends off on far flung missions, along with their respective Legion The rest quietly convert to the Dark Gods and the Chaos Marines are born Horus sets a trap on Isstavan III This is the infamous Dropsite Massacre The fallen Primarchs are Horus Sons of Horus , Lorgar Word Bearers , Mortarion Death Guard , and Fulgrim Emperor s Children They select the sections from their Legions they deem to be Loyalist and send them to the surface The sections from those 4 Legions came to over 100 compani...

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    More wonderful world building in the 40k universe, specifically pre Unification, Unification and the early Crusade.

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    Un livre tr s agr able lire si l on comprends l anglais videmment Le profil des primarques Lorgar,Vulkan,Ferrus et Konrad Curze y est pr sent L histoire de l h r sie y est aussi bien d crite Le seul probl me est le prix assez lev.

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