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[Epub] ↠ The Two Mrs. Abbotts Author D.E. Stevenson –

The Two Mrs. AbbottsMrs Abbott Is Flustered At The Thought Of Putting Up A Lady From The Red Cross, But Is Happily Surprised When She Turns Out To Be An Old Friend From Her Previous Life As Miss Buncle, Infamous Writer.Of Course, She S Now Far Too Busy With Her Children To Write, Not To Mention Helping Out In The Lives Of The Villagers And With A Possible Spy In Their Midst, Evacuated Families, Potential Love Matches And A Visit From A Famous Writer, She S Got Her Work Cut Out For Her Luckily For Her, The Other Mrs Abbott Is Around To Help.

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    A nice summing up of the Miss Buncle books, the trilogy ends on a high note with just a bit of sadness since Jerry s Sam is in North Africa World War 2 is still going strong, but it doesn t put much of a damper on the goings on in the little town There is a fourth book called The Four Graces, which I don t believe has anything about Miss Buncle in it, although ...

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    When I finished reading Miss Buncle Married I felt I wanted to read the next book The Two Mrs Abbotts right away I found out that Persephone are probably publishing it at some point but I wasn t sure I could wait A quick look online revealed old copies fetching rather high prices I know D E Stevenson books can be quite sort after these days So I did a quick search on the Birmingham Library Catalogue there was one book I requested it That was back in February and I had almost forgotten all about it Then I received an email while I was away in Devon, the week before last saying the book was waiting to be collected I went after work last Monday, knowing it would have to be my next read I started it very late on Wednesday night, reading slowly the next two days after work, trying to savour it but just gobbled up about 200 pages this afternoon to finish it Since the events of the second Miss Buncle book several years have passed It is now 1942 and people are living with the everyday realities of wartime Barbara Abbott who was once Miss Buncle now has two young children, Simon and Fay She and her husband still live in Wandlebury the faithful Dorcas still in attendance Jerry Jeronina Abbott is married to Arthur Abbott s nephew Sam, Sam is fighting the war in Egypt and Jerry must manage things on ...

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    Once , I ve been charmed by D.E Stevenson s easy style I don t know why I waited so long to read this third instalment, especially since from the first page, I was transported to this fabulous little village peopled by such a colourful cast It is quite difficult to quantify what the author does Nothing much actually Happens, and yet, I was than happy to keep turning the pages The first Mrs Abbott of the title is Barbara, n e Buncle, main character of the previous two books, always a firm favourite We find her living a contended lfe with Arthur, her publisher husband, and their two children Somehow, the war hasn t touched her too much Yes, there are shortages and rations but otherwise, her husband still goes off to work and comes back at the end of the day This is not the case for the second and younger Mrs Abbott, Jerry, who married Arthur s nephew Sam, who has gone to war In fact, all her employees have left her stables, most of her horses taken away, resulting in the end of her business, and leaving her to run her large un modernised house alone, with only the help of her former governess Add to this troops billeted to her, odd evacuees, and paying guests Life couldn t me different Most of the narration in f...

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    Still not as perfect as

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    I had hoped this would have the charm and delight I found in the first two of the series Sadly, set in and published during WWII, there s a kind of pall cast over the whole that dragged it down horribly It doesn t help that Stevenson threw in some really dreary people, even as she removed some of my favorites who were off to war I particularly hated the separation of Sam and Jerry Yeah, we hear good things about him and are lead to expect he is thriving in his own way, but Stevenson is an excellent writer, so we also feel the quiet, steady, constant pain their separation provides Jerry, even as she copes in her own competent way.Also, there s a good deal less of Barbara, and a lot of our time with her is while she s being badgered by some of the least interesting characters That Lancestre guy is just a mopey dork and his constant pestering for sympathy and assistance were annoyin...

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    This is the third book about Barbara Buncle I love this series and reread it every year Unfortunately D.E Stevenson is disappearing from library shelves Her writing is wonderful with humor and real understanding of human nature when influenced by a society of morality ...

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    Mrs Barbara Abbott and Mrs Jerry Abbott are always surrounded by adventures, including but not limited to the welcoming of an old friend from Silverstream to Wandlebury a soldier s calf love for Jerry the emo warblings of Lancreste Marvell talk about a supervillain name the comings and goings and comings of the ill fortuned Boles family and LOVE 1 This really wasn t as charming and fun as its predecessors, unfortunately It suffers somewhat from the looming specter of the War, and somewhat from the patchy quality of its vignettes 2 The vignettes themselves weren t all that great either Some were fun, but too many of them were rather draining and dull And the ones that were fun were too short, and the ones that were draining and dull just went on and on Much like this sentence Lancreste s moaning, for ex...

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    Barbara Abbott nee Buncle is back in this third volume World War II is raging but Wandlebury hasn t changed much The young men are off to war, except for Archie Chevis Cobbe who is running a farm single handedly Barbara has settled into domestic life with Arthur, their two young children and of course, Dorcas Barbara is still as honest and trusting as ever, making everyone want to confide in her Her latest, and most unwanted, confidant is Lancreste Marvell Barbara dislikes the Marvells and doesn t know how to deal with Lancreste s relationship issues Arthur s nephew Sam has joined up, leaving his bride Jerry behind Sam is never far from Jerry s thoughts as she tries to run her horse farm, deal with horrible tenants and the regiment camped on her property She has company in her old companion Markie and new friends come to stay Jerry decides to play match maker for her still unmarried brother, though he has plans of his own Most of the story takes place in and around Wandlebury, but we do get to catch up on the inhabitants of Silverstream, thanks to a surprise visitor I was unsure about reading this book since sequels are never good as the original, but I was delighted to discover that this book holds all the sweet charm of the first two books Though it s not as...

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    Stevenson s books are like a cleansing breath in the midst of a chaotic world They are charming and poignant yet full of humor and wise observations of human nature And throughout there is a sense of calm and quiet.This story is set during WWII Life in the country goes on with some adjustments to the war effort The focus shifts between Barbara Buncle s now firmly Mrs Abbott home and her niece by marriage Jerry Abbot Jerry s husband is serving in Egypt and her household has been opened to a company of soldiers as well as a refugee family from London It s through her that most of the outside characters are introduced The story becomes a series of snip...

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