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!!> Download ➽ Play at Work: Companies on the Cutting Edge of Gamification ➽ Author Adam L. Penenberg –

 Play at Work: Companies on the Cutting Edge of GamificationDo Games Hold The Secret To Better Productivity If You Ve Ever Found Yourself Engrossed In Angry Birds, Call Of Duty, Or A Plain Old Crossword Puzzle When You Should Have Been Doing Something Productive, You Know How Easily Games Hold Our Attention Hardcore Gamers Have Spent The Equivalent Of 5.93 Million Years Playing World Of Warcraft While The World Collectively Devotes About 5 Million Hours Per Day To Angry Birds A Colossal Waste Of Time Perhaps But What If We Could Tap Into All The Energy, Engagement, And Brainpower That People Are Already Expending And Use It For Creative And Valuable Pursuits Harnessing The Power Of Games Sounds Like A New Age Fantasy, Or At Least A Fad That S Only For Hip Start Ups Run By Millennials In Silicon Valley But According To Adam L Penenberg, The Use Of Smart Game Design In The Workplace And Beyond Is Taking Hold In Every Sector Of The Economy, And The Companies That Apply It Are Witnessing Unprecedented Results Gamification Isn T Just For Consumers Chasing Reward Points Any It S Transforming, Well, Just About Everything Penenberg Explores How, By Understanding The Way Successful Games Are Designed, We Can Apply Them To Become Efficient, Come Up With New Ideas, And Achieve Even The Most Daunting Goals He Shows How Game Mechanics Are Being Applied To Make Employees Happier And Motivated, Improve Worker Safety, Create Better Products, And Improve Customer Service For Example, Microsoft Has Transformed An Essential But Mind Numbing Task Debugging Software Into A Game By Having Employees Compete And Collaborate To Find Glitches In Less Time Meanwhile, Local Motors, An Independent Automaker Based In Arizona, Crowdsources Designs From Car Enthusiasts All Over The World By Having Them Compete For Money And Recognition Within The Community As A Result, The Company Was Able To Bring A Cutting Edge Vehicle To Market In Less Time And At Far Less Cost Than The Big Three Automakers These Are Just Two Examples Of Companies That Have Tapped The Characteristics That Make Games So Addictive And Satisfying Penenberg Also Takes Us Inside Organizations That Have Introduced Play At Work To Train Surgeons, Aid In Physical Therapy, Translate The Internet, Solve Vexing Scientific Riddles, And Digitize Books From The Nineteenth Century Drawing On The Latest Brain Science As Well As His Firsthand Reporting From These Cutting Edge Companies, Penenberg Offers A Powerful Solution For Businesses And Organizations Of All Stripes And Sizes.

!!> Download ➽  Play at Work: Companies on the Cutting Edge of Gamification ➽ Author Adam L. Penenberg –
  • Audiobook
  • Play at Work: Companies on the Cutting Edge of Gamification
  • Adam L. Penenberg
  • 08 September 2017
  • 9781469057132

    10 thoughts on “!!> Download ➽ Play at Work: Companies on the Cutting Edge of Gamification ➽ Author Adam L. Penenberg –

  1. says:

    I really wanted to like this book than I did especially since we ve been tasked with being innovative at work The book was a series of story of what the author considered games in the workplace Nice but I would have liked some ideas on how to incorporate some of these things in my own workplace For whatever reason, the author equated experiential learning with play or gamification at work I don t think these things are the same at all He spoke of medical students using dummies to practice techniques and procedures to ensure they re using proper form, etc I don t think hearing that they re wrong or killing the dummy is a game to medical students at least I hope not R...

  2. says:

    It seems odd to write a book about exciting new technologies and then fail to include photographs, diagrams, URLs, or opportunities for reader feedback except for one email address and one Twitter handle in the last paragraph of the acknowledgements, at the back of the book The part about Duolingo was fascinating and inspired me to try it and to get my spouse to try it too But that s only five pages out of 200.I think this book could have benefited from the approach Ha Joon Chang used in 23 Things They Don t Tell You about Capitalism. At the start of the book, he suggested seven ways to read it if you re most interested in X, read Chapters 4, 7, 8, and 11, but if you agree with Y statement, read Chapters 2, 6, and 15, and so on Also, I think Steven Johnson covered some of the same topics in a much exciting way in his book Future Perfect.Some interesting facts from Play at Work Would you like to guess how much time each month Americans spend on Facebook Take a guess It s the equivalent of 100,000 years A 2011 Pew Foundation report said that the time people spend on social networks, the trusting they become Robert Hacker, a Yale professor, has calculated that income instability a 50% change in income, up or down, year to year has tripled since the 1970s Today s college educated employees have as much income instability as those without high school degrees did...

  3. says:

    I came into this book hoping for some strategies, opportunities, or thoughts from the authors on how to bring games to the workplace, and while he provides some good stories about how other have succeeded with it, there is little dis...

  4. says:

    Overview I listened to the audiobook on my daily commute, which was suitable for x2 speed I enjoyed how the book connects our ways of thinking to our methods of entertainment, although it s a little creepy to find out exactly how intimately game designers know us and can peg our habits Fascinating perspectives are...

  5. says:

    What I expected from this book was to get some tips in doing gamification at my own job However, that s not what I got out of it The book covers lots of stories about gamification and studies behind it What works and what doesn t They explain this by providing success ...

  6. says:

    This book is great if you are a neurosurgeon, MIT grad, or really good at math algorithms As other reviews mention, there isn t any information in this book that relates to a typical job I was really disappointed it didn t give me any tips for the workplace.

  7. says:

    I had to force myself to finish this It took a lot of willpower Play at Work reads like marketing copy, or a series of press releases for the companies it profiles There s nothing wrong with an optimistic, or positive, point of view, but this goes way beyond that, into fawning cheerleader baloney Play at Work is a great example of how access can turn some reporters into stenographers for the subjects they should be looking at critically Firstly, the author doesn t seem to understand the difference between an actual game and ...

  8. says:

    Meh The title makes this sound interesting, especially the subtitle s use of the word how It leads one to believe that this book will be about how You could use gaming to further your goals in your workplace Unfortunately, this isn t a how to book The how of the subtitle means what games people have created to hopefully improve some aspect of their job or society You may think that seeing what others have done could at least be inspirational, and you may be right If you can readily connect the dots between t...

  9. says:

    A mediocore book which addresses the topic identified in the title The author admits in the epilogue to not actually playing video games himself which I find to be somewhat of a contradiction He does provide some interesting facts and studies but many of his assertions are undermined by lack of evidence, i.e China Russia routinely outperform the U.S in math , m...

  10. says:

    Penenberg investigates attempts to build the addictive qualities of Farmville into educational and vocational tasks, like Duolingo being harnessed to check internet translations, DARPA s Red Balloon contest to test social media and information gathering, medical models to teach c...

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