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[Download] ➽ Elements of Gaelic Grammar By Alexander Stewart –

Elements of Gaelic GrammarExcerpt TO Public Teachers It Is Of The Highest Moment, That The Medium Through Which Their Instructions Are Communicated Be Properly Adapted To That Use, And That They Be Enabled To Avail Themselves Of It In The Fittest Manner A Language Destitute Of Grammatical Regularity Can Possess Neither Perspi Cuity Nor Precision, And Must Therefore Be Very Inadequate To The Purpose Of Conveying One S Thoughts The Gaelic Is In Manifest Danger Of Falling Into This Discreditable Condition, From The Disuse Of Old Idioms And Distinctions, And The Ad Mission Of Modern Corruptions, Unless Means Be Applied To Prevent Its Degenerating It Is Obvious That A Speaker Cannot Express Himself With Preci Sion, Without A Correct Knowledge Of Grammar.

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    Picked this up on Kindle for free to have a look, but concluded it was too dry in style for me.

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