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[BOOKS] ⚡ Diary of a Worm (I Can Read!, Level 1) ✯ Doreen Cronin –

Diary of a Worm (I Can Read!, Level 1) Worm Is Thrilled When It S His Turn To Take Care Of The Class Pet, Nat The Gnat But Everything Goes Wrong When He Leaves The Lid Of Nat S Tank Open Can Worm Make Sure The Class Pet Returns Safe And Sound Before Mrs Mulch Finds Out This All New, Original I Can Read Story Captures The Fun Of The 1 New York Times Bestselling Diary Of A Worm Picture Book Series By Doreen Cronin And Harry Bliss, And Will Leave Beginning Readers Wiggling For This Level 1 I Can Read Book Is Perfect For Children Learning To Sound Out Words And Sentences.

[BOOKS] ⚡ Diary of a Worm (I Can Read!, Level 1)  ✯ Doreen Cronin –
  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • Diary of a Worm (I Can Read!, Level 1)
  • Doreen Cronin
  • English
  • 08 January 2018
  • 9780062087072

    10 thoughts on “[BOOKS] ⚡ Diary of a Worm (I Can Read!, Level 1) ✯ Doreen Cronin –

  1. says:

    I liked this book very much I think this is a great book for young readers I would give this book to a child in the first grade and up It is easy to follow and reads like a book that their parents would read to them at bedtime.I liked that it is written i...

  2. says:

    Oh no, the worms class pet, Nat the Gnat, is missing While this one isn t as memorable as the delightful original DIARY OF A WORM, it s still a nice, quality beginning reader with an engaging story about responsibility and honesty.

  3. says:

    Cute story about responsibility honesty

  4. says:

    Sooo much love for Diary of a Worm And this book is not an exception The class gets a new pet, a gnat named Nat Cute, colorful and informative with a nice story besides.

  5. says:

    First, this book is NOT written by Doreen Cronin nor illustrated by Harry Bliss They are the creators of the original Diary of a Worm picture book This book is a spin off based on that book It is written as an early reader I love that they took great characters and turned them into something interesting for early readers.In this book, Worm s class has a pet Nat the gnat When it is worm s turn to take care of Nat, he opens the tank and loses Nat He doesn t tell Spider helps him to capture another gnat Worm puts this gnat into the pet s tank and confesses to the class what happened I will not spoil the endThis book is a level one reader The sentences are short and simple for easy reading Yet there is a sprinkling of harder concepts to stretch the reader The story is from Worm s perspective which makes it interesting and has plenty of humor to enjoy.This story is even better than the first in this series If leveled readers were this interesting, I think kids would be chomping at th...

  6. says:

    This book was enjoyable to read because the worm writes his own diary He writes in his journal about school, his friend Spider, his mom,dad, and sister He tells about how he wants to be a secret service agent one day He ate his hom...

  7. says:

    The three volumes in the Diary of series by Cronin now inspires I can Read books with the Harry Bliss influenced illustrations Using the diary format, we read the chronicle of a week in the Worm, Spider and Fly classroom when a new pet shows up Nat the Gnat You learn about gnats as a my...

  8. says:

    This I Can Read school pet story based Doreen Cronin s book is comically illustrated by John Nez, love the teachers cat eye glasses lots of small touches add to this visually engaging book The author Lori Haskins Hou...

  9. says:

    Great little addition to the Diary of a Worm series Not as thorough as the picture booksbut definitely wonderful as an early reader PlusI learned something about gnats that I never knew before.

  10. says:

    Not all easy reader versions of picture books work, but this one is good It captures the style of Cronin and Bliss story very well I think Doreen Cronin is a superstar in the easy reader category, so that s high praise.

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